Resisting Money Obsession: 10 Steps to Appreciate Your True Value While Building A Meaningful Life  

Money Obsession Steps to Appreciate Your True Value While Building A Meaningful Life money can blind men to the things that matter most

Imagine seeing your teenage friends living the complete opposite of your humble life. They seem to have it all together, excelling in their careers, getting hitched, building homes, splurging on whatever they desire, travelling to fancy destinations, and capturing those picture-perfect moments of their seemingly perfect lifestyles. It’s hard not to compare yourself, especially when society constantly equates your worth and success with the size of your bank account or the things you own. That wasn’t a mere thought experiment. It’s my story…

Money Anxiety Explained [10 Ways To Overcome It And Find Financial Stability] 

Money anxiety is a persistent feeling of stress and worry that arises from concerns about your financial situation. It’s a gnawing fear that can keep you up at night, making it difficult to focus on anything else. You might feel like you’re constantly on the edge, waiting for the next financial disaster to strike. 

THE KAIZEN PRINCIPLE: The Secret To Staying One Move Ahead In Life

competition is inevitable. There is a dire need to step up, to stay above the water, to survive… And Kaizen is how you do it. Life requires that you stay ahead. Because, if you’re not doing better than the Tigers, then you would be Tiger food. If you are not doing better than the snakes, you would be homeless. Even the rodents are in competition for your food. We are left with only one choice: “stay one move ahead”

6 Reasons Why Chasing Success Sucks [Do This Instead]

If chasing success means persistently working towards achieving a certain level of accomplishment or recognition in one’s personal or professional life, then almost every normal person chases success. And I assume you have some form of success you are pursuing too, right? Well, I have some unsettling news about chasing success #1 Success Requires Losers … Read more

Life lessons from Mia Khalifa

People are conscious of what they are associated with, many people don’t want to be seen demanding money all the time because they don’t want to appear greedy and selfish, many don’t want to be heard talking about sex all the time because they don’t want to appear immoral, and so is the attitude towards several other matters.

Rising Above A Corrupt World (with emphasis on Nigeria)

In Life No matter how much you plan your life, it would still be distorted in more ways than you would wish to be conscious of because the world is corrupt, but there is a way out. and it involves your thinking about others first. this is a guide to rising above a corrupt world

I grew up in a relatively unknown and little town in Nigeria, in this little town death was a characteristic thing, we woke up each day to hear that at least two young men were killed in a gang clash, things were really that bad. This is my attempt to give anyone that reads this a reason to rise above the corrupt system.

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HOW TO NEVER FORGET ANYTHING AGAIN-embracing   weakness for strength

We’ve all had that moment when we had something very important to commit to memory, it may be a name, an instruction or something that has a deadline, something we know is important and actually did take important, BUT, we totally forgot about it

it’s a weakness, don’t worry I found a cure for that but just like Dettol it works only 99%

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