Feeling Reluctant Again? Here Is How To Be More Spontaneous, Every Day:

A spontaneous person does what they believe is right, without depending on external motivation. They can commit and do what it takes even when the external environment or circumstances are not pleasant…even when they don’t feel like it.

Death Anxiety In 20s: Why You Shouldn’t Fear Death, And How To Cure Thanatophobia.

Experiencing the fear of death in your 20s is normal (and quickly peaks and declines during the age bracket). It is usually triggered by other mental health challenges. And it only becomes a problem when it gets excessive – i.e. when it becomes an anxiety disorder – and starts adversely affecting your ability to carry out your daily activities. This fear of death (or the process of dying) anxiety disorder is called Thanatophobia.

Does It Matter To Believe In Yourself? [Why Believing In Yourself Is The First Step To Success]

Someone might ask, “does it matter to believe in yourself?”. Well, the answer is yes. Multiple times this belief has been tested and has proven to be useful – in my life, and the lives of so many other success stories from all over the world. Believing in yourself is often times the first step to success.

Why Is It Important To Not Give Up On Yourself – [5 Inspiring Reasons]

Why is it important to not give up on yourself? because to give up on yourself is to betray yourself and the world at large.  I have seen a man giving up on himself, his passion, his dreams countless times, as he came of age. I am that man. And I can tell you that while there may be several soothing reasons to justify this failure to accomplish your heart desires…

What Makes You Special As A Person? [The Secret To Maximizing Your Lifes Potentials Using The 95/5 Rule]

The desire to be considered special isn’t something we learn; it is rather something inherent inside of us – it is deep-rooted in our psyche, just as much as the craving for food. But here is the question, are we special in any practical sense? If this desire and belief that we are special are shared by so many, is there truly any special person? And most importantly, What makes you special as a person?

HOW LAUGHTER CHANGES YOUR WORLD [Why you must laugh daily]

Laughter, in our world, makes it not just tolerable, but enjoyable. With it, we can look at life not blinded by anger, regret, or shame, but rather an exciting and weird curiosity. With laughter, we can see our stupidity and that of others. With laughter, we can see what was beyond our control and what we could have done.