Morality Is A Social Construct: The Reason Nigeria Is So Religious, Yet So Corrupt

Morality is a social construct Why is Nigeria so religious yet so corrupt Bola Ahmed Tinubu ea Adeboye Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’adu Abubakar

Morality is about how we relate with other people. How our actions impact the well-being of others.

Sadly, the poorer people get, the more they get desperate – short-sighted, self-serving, heartless, and even cynical. {The more evil and corrupt the country gets).

If you like pray from now till you cry blood, if Nigeria doesn’t get richer, and our economy, healthcare system, and education don’t improve, our morality won’t get better.

15 Practices That Will Help You Overcome Inferiority Complex

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) inferiority complex is “a basic feeling of inadequacy and insecurity, deriving from actual or imagined physical or psychological deficiency.”

It is important to understand that the “deficiencies” do not on their own make you unworthy or inadequate. In fact, there are people who have serious deficiencies – height, IQ, strength, money, social media following, you name it – yet feel superior to everyone.

What Really Controls Your Behaviour: 10 Ways To Develop and Strengthen A Healthy Ego.

The mind, the most complex thing in the known universe, controls our actions and behaviours. It is influenced by a vast gamut of factors, both internal and external. Understanding why we act the way we do is a complex task, but there have been some useful attempts to do so. In this post, we will explore how the mind works internally, how it interacts with external factors, and what psychoanalysts have to say about how we can better control our behaviour.

Religious Trauma: A Dark Side Of Religion [10 Steps To Overcome It]

There is a lot of good that comes with religion – from the laid down beliefs and morals which give us a sense of purpose and direction in life, down to the community and systems in place that provide support religion can serve critical roles in our lives. However, religion is prone to becoming harmful – to the point of traumatising its members. 

How To Find And Read Good Self-help Books:

There is often a great deal of things to learn from books. Books are text-based backups of the intelligence of the author. And, self-help books are one of the richest sources of intelligence – they contain practical and immediately implementable information we can use to upgrade our intelligence. 

10 Books That May Change How You See The World And Yourself [W/ Summary, Discussion, and Big Ideas]

On the 7th of July 2023, we had a Twitter Space about books that will change how you see the world and yourself. The space was recorded and you can click on the link to listen to it. 

Note: I, the author of this post, have not read some of the books discussed here, and will indicate when we come across those. Also, the post only discussed the ideas that stood out to us, it is not all that these books have to offer you.

The Value of Personal Faith (And How To Develop It):

Faith is a word that is revered by many people but abhorred by many others. For example, most religious and spiritual people think it is the secret to miraculously bringing their desires to reality, while many non-religious people think faith in that regard is simply self-delusion and has no relevance in the cold-indifferent world we find ourselves in. 

However, faith on its own is a neutral concept, and given the right context, can be something very powerful to understand, cultivate, and deploy in overcoming life’s confusion, and difficulties to achieve success and happiness.

Why Exposure to Different Perspectives Leads To Growth [And How To Become More Open-Minded]

Holding onto fixed beliefs and perceptions can provide stability, a sense of identity, and direction/purpose; but like fishing in a small pond when you have an entire ocean to explore – it can limit your growth and hinder your ability to learn and evolve. That is why it is important to be more open-minded and consider other people’s perspectives.