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The role of money in society is so great it is staggering. Money is an integral part of everything we do, it takes different forms and functions in subtle ways, but at the end its role is unshakeable.

‘Because I and my companions suffer from a disease of the heart which can be cured only with gold.’


MONEY BRIDGES THE GAP – the role of money in society

Three years before Mexico was conquered, the ancestors of Cortés and his army waged a bloody war on religion against the Muslim Kingdoms in North Africa and Iberia. The war was raged leading to the death of thousands of Christians and Muslims who fought in the name of Christ or Allah

As the war went on the Christians seemed to gain the upper hand and subsequently won the battle. To mark their victory, they burnt Mosques and built churches, but they did something else, they started issuing gold and silver coins bearing the sing of the cross and thanking God for the victory. As strange as it may sound the Christians also issued a different kind of gold, a Muslim version, with Arabic Scripts which declared “there is no god except Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger”. Even the Catholic bishops issued these faithful copies of popular Muslim coins known as Millares, and God-fearing Christians happily used them.

As hard as it may sound money is the most universal and most efficient system of mutual trust ever devised.

We use money because we believe in it, we believe in its value and believe that our neighbours would also value it, it doesn’t matter the currency, we can convert because we all know what it’s worth

The Value of money is not in the chemical properties of the material but rather the psychological(emotional) properties. Money motivates humans just as food motivates dogs, it’s that simple

Money units everyone; It doesn’t matter the religion, race, age or gender. Money unites kingdoms and organizations, everyone uses it.

Money is literally the fuel the world runs on. Many would disagree for sure, and the mention of the word “money” would make a few uneasy, this too is normal.

Bringing up money as a priority is almost always frowned at in Religion, education and politics, yet money directly influences these activities to a sickening extent.

Money influences everything directly or indirectly.


Money isn’t just motivation for humans to do work, it is their drug, its something humans get high on, something they would always crave even if they have more than enough.

Money has one evil side effect; money brings about trust, but the trust is not in our fellow humans but in money itself. Even though some things are tagged priceless (e.g. Love, honour, loyalty and morality) money has somehow managed to pay for them

Money drives everyone to some extent and must have been a huge part of everyone’s life at some point if it isn’t always

It is therefore paramount that we understand and appreciate what money is because it is only by doing so that we can bridle and control it so that we can live a life we would all find fulfilling, and free.

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THE DELIMA – Is Money the root of all evil?!

Due to the enormous emotional weight attached to money, it is most times misunderstood. Money is neither good or bad, in fact, it is beyond that

Evil in money is a direct fault of human behaviour, not money. We go crazy when we can’t get something we crave, unfortunately for money, it is just what is needed to get those crazy needs met

Money is handed over when someone does something considered “valuable”, it doesn’t matter if the “Valuable” thing that was done was labelled good or bad.

In other cases, it is handed over to someone who is expected to do something “Valuable”, but since the trust is not in the individual but in the money rather, organisations like Banks insist that collaterals be given in exchange. This, of course, is wise considering how often money can be stolen if handed over to an “untrustworthy” human.

In the end, Money is not the root of all evil, the LOVE of it is, and that love is directly linked with humans irrationalities


Because it is impossible to make money unless you are the Central Bank: You can only convince people to give you money

People would exchange money for goods or services, in both cases, you have to be the provider to get paid.

The first case involves you knowing a place where you can get goods at a cheaper rate and then reselling those goods at an amplified price, leading to gain, which literally means money.

The second involves knowing how to do something someone else can’t or doesn’t want to do. The harder it is for that service to be performed by any other person the more money would be handed over as appreciation

A LITTLE ADVICE ON MONEY- then we all go home

  1. Money loves going round; shearing money so that work can be done better and faster is always better than bogarting the money and doing a poor and slow job
  2. Money Loves speed; having more people handing over money in shorter periods of time is almost always better than waiting for the whole pie
  3. Money loves friends; Unless you possess something extremely rare and valuable, people would always choose to hand over money to people they like
  4. Money loves moving around; Saving might be a good idea, just don’t save all the money, investing it in something profitable like a skill or business is much smarter than saving it, its value fluctuates you know
  5. Money loves being spent; should get yourself something nice, and yes, yes you should get him/her that gift, its totally worth it

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