Not Ready For A Relationship Just Yet? Here Are 7 Steps To Prepare Yourself For A Partnership.

Not Ready For A Relationship Just Yet Here Are Steps To Prepare Yourself For A Partnership. Readiness for a relationship isn't a simple yes or no. It's a spectrum, and it's okay to be

I know you want to. You might have even tried. Yet, a part of you is scared, worried, uncertain…Part of you resists. Yes, you’ve imagined the future with someone. You’ve shown care. You do care. They too may have shown their interest. They might have even encouraged you to take the next step. You see … Read more

Does “Body Count” Really Matter In a Relationship?

Sex is arguably the most emotionally charged activity most people engage in legally. It’s primal, personal, and requires crossing many boundaries to experience. Barring abuse, it involves knowing someone intimately in a way most of the world never will. So, it’s understandable that we attach great significance to it. When you learn that someone you’re … Read more

Finding Purpose In Pain: How To Grow Through Pain (Instead of Suffering) 

Pain exists. You can’t wish it away. It visits in many ways – getting sick, losing loved ones, having a breakup, getting fired, or even small daily annoyances like traffic, spilt drinks, misplaced keys, or a stubbed thumb. However, it is how we interpret and respond to these pains that determine whether they lead to … Read more

Living With Insecurities: The Wisdom of Enough

On numerous occasions, I’ve deleted phone numbers simply because the other person wasn’t enthused about chatting with me. Maybe they took too long to reply, or worse, ignored my message. I’ve even had instances where I deleted a contact simply because they just didn’t seem interested in continuing a specific conversation. While this might look … Read more

Managing Emotions: How To Turn Your Emotions Into Power

Have you ever seen someone panic at the sight of a mouse or cockroach? Maybe that’s you. There’s no shame in that. I remember wanting to shut my windows after watching World War Z despite knowing zombies aren’t even real. We all have feelings – we all have emotions. That’s what makes us human. And, … Read more