“Like anything worth doing in life, happiness takes time and patience and consistency.” – Mark Manson

Empathy Vs Compassion: The Dangers of Empathy And Why You Must Develop Compassion To Truly Help People

Having empathy means trying to personify a person’s perspective, emotions, and feelings.
It’s not just a feeling. It’s an ingrained feature of our species. It is as powerful as the sense of hunger or fear. Mirror neurons in the brain help you react by mimicking the activity of the brain of the sufferer.

Empathy is useful, but it has its dangers…

When To Evade, Endure, or Seek Pain:

Since pain is unavoidable, the most important thing becomes understanding the nature of the pain – Why is it happening? Who is triggering it? Who has the power to add to or remove it? What is it’s rewards? Then you decide what to do (or not do)

I Like Reading Because…

I like reading because it stretches my mind, expands my experience vicariously, toughens my psyche, builds my vocabulary, entertains me, educates me, and encourages me.

How To Be A Better Person [And Be Happy]:

Someone with good values (like love, honesty, loyalty, courage, etcetera) will seek and do the right things, even if it doesn’t feel good. While someone with bad values (like domination, violence, pleasure, etcetera) will seek and do the wrong things, most likely because it feels good.

How then do you shape your values, to nudge yourself into doing good deeds?