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Mia Khalifa art

Life lessons from Mia Khalifa

Warning: this article about Mia Khalifa contains strong, offensive, and erotic languages. its about an adult movie star and some life lessons we can learn from her

first of all, ill love to bring a word into focus, the word euphemism. it would be our code word throughout this article

What does euphemism mean?

a word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word.


For instance, a person would use the word “darn” in place of the word “damn”

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Drawing of an eye

HUMANS AND MONEY-the role of money in society/world

The role of money in society is so great it is staggering. Money is an integral part of everything we do, it takes different forms and functions in subtle ways, but at the end its role is unshakeable.

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There’s a lot of painful to remember history and facts coupled with subtle cynic acts when it comes to Nigerian educational history, all of which seem to be playing a discord in our lucid minds, a sound which both adults and children alike seem not to make any rhythm of, so bear with me as I break this sticky history and facts into easy to digest chunks of somewhat unpleasant taste,


The question of what is the most important thing? what is it that man should strive for? what is worth a mans life? what should we live for? and etcetera…

It’s a question that has not been given a solid answer …well, maybe it’s because it doesn’t have an answer

The fact that one person considered something important doesn’t mean the next person considered those same things important…

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FEELING SUCIDAL-why people kill themselves (I want to kill myself)

What’s the point of killing yourself when death is already coming?

Those were the words that knocked off suicidal thoughts from my life, but it also compelled me to kill myself

Suicide is a topic that is being pushed to the corner of society, people don’t talk about it much, I guess its because most of the times it is just the sufferer that bears the pain. I have suffered from suicidal thoughts and I would gladly shear with you how I let go of these thoughts for good

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The desire for someone to completely trust us is like a fire that can completely burn us and the person we seek the trust from (but don’t worry no one is getting burnt today)

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Handing over money

THE REAL VALUABLE THING-a shift in the perception of money

A SHORT STORY-a little shift in perspection

It was just after my exams, I was about traveling back home but had what I considered surplus cash, there was no better way to spend it than getting myself a nice sweater
Long story cut short; I never returned with the sweater, I had given it to my younger brother who admired it back at home.

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