There are a myriad of reasons you might want to reach out to me. 

It could be to…

  • make an inquiry
  • make a complaint
  • make a contribution
  • tell me you love me
  • tell me you hate me 
  • discuss further
  • etcetera…

Whichever the case, you will get a response from me within 24 hours. Though it is usually almost immediately.

I also work with GMT+1, and refer WhatsApp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dick is my surname.

The short answer is that the philosophy of the brand was largely derived from pawns in the game of chess. To know more, visit this page

The answer, as you must have guessed, is yes.

Yes I can. From Hosting, to Web design, down to Writing of the Content.

I will also guide you so you don’t make all the silly mistakes I made when starting mine.

Sure, I’ve written two books teaching that, and I even have a course waiting for you.

I can even offer personal mentorship.

I offer writing and editing services.

However, I can help you Host and Setup a simple personal blog using WordPress …because I am not good at coding.

If you are looking for something more complicated, I can point you to the right person.


I live in a Capitalist country, which means I need money to survive.

But, depending on what you want, there can be room for negotiation


Though I must warn you that I am an introvert, and may not like to come outside except the meeting is very important.

It is through learning and practice.

And I am still learning and practicing.

Read and write consistently…that’s the secrete.


Look, this is purely subjective.

I don’t think life has any inherent meaning. 

However, I think that is still great, because it means we can choose to give it any meaning we desire.

Choose wisely.

Didn’t you read the tagline?

Grow Up, Level Up, Step Up