The Feminists Have A Point: “Patriarchy Is Problematic” 

Earlier this year, in February, the internet broke over the Vogue Cover photo of Rihanna, with a serious and confident expression, leading A$AP Rocky by the hand, their baby cradled in his arms as he affectionately kissed the child’s forehead. The composition of the image bears a notable resemblance to the African Renaissance Monument, albeit … Read more

Meditating With Music: How I Find The Inner Strength To Keep Going

Look around and you will find reasons to throw in the towel. From your neighbourhood to your schoolyard, to your social media feed, there is a constant source of self-loathing and self-doubt.  Friends’ galleries of accomplishments may remind you of how far you are from the finish line. Celebrities’ songs may make you feel socially … Read more

Maybe You Need Less: Finding Meaning And Purpose Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

I grew up in a poor family in a bustling but economically impoverished neighbourhood of Lagos, Nigeria. With six of us living in one room (so you can imagine how cramped and exhausting it was). Sometimes, I would wake up to find myself under the bed, my face stained with charcoal from the blackened pots … Read more

Self-Forgiveness: How to Heal and Move On From Your Mistakes

As a new chess player, I made many mistakes. This was frustrating, and I would get discouraged whenever I lost to a more experienced player. However, looking back, I realize that my mistakes helped me improve my game. I learned to think more carefully about my moves and to consider more possibilities. Much like my … Read more

What To Do When A Friend Is Ghosting You?

It is normal to think that you were ghosted because of your fault – maybe something you said (or didn’t say), did (or didn’t do), or lacked (or owned). But, just like rejection, ghosting actually has more to do with the other person than it does with you. Yes, you might have actually said, done, or lacked something, but it was still the person’s decision to cut you off without even giving any reason.