I grew up in a relatively unknown and little town in Nigeria, in this little town death was a characteristic thing, we woke up each day to hear that at least two young men were killed in a gang clash, but this is not what this article is all about.

One of the key things that dominates the mind of the average teenager or adolescent is the fear of being used, manipulated or being lied to. This is a phase of life when we both actively and passively question things

We wonder to ourselves, is he playing me? Is the government just using me? Is god messing with me? Is this all a sick game?

It doesn’t really matter

The fact is that we are all in a game called life, and it started even before we were born. The only way out is death, and ironically everyone makes it out

This article is about the distorted life (game) of a Nigerian


As humans, we are always tempted to buy into the idea that we can control whatever happens in our lives, and even though it pays to take responsibility for the things going on in our lives, not everything goes according to plan, and some of these things are entirely out of our control. Sometimes the only thing we can control is how we feel about those upsetting situations. Most times it is better to just appreciate what is going on in our lives, it is a life worth living, isn’t it?

This article isn’t designed to make us feel relaxed and nihilistic when depraved people and bad situations try to uproot the meanings in our lives, it is about aiding us deal with these crazy people and uncomfortable situations.


When I was about 15 years old, I was attacked by an angry goat, in defence I took a long stick and tried to scare the goat which didn’t relent but dived head first, ramming its horns on the stick which recoiled in my hands to injure my belly. It was a flesh wound but left a scare which I had the leisure of touching as I wrote this line.

Although being attacked by an angry goat wasn’t really a pleasant experience, it is however one of those memories I would cherish till I die. This is because I have taken that scar as a symbol of an adventurous childhood, and it makes me smile every time I remember, to think that I actually shed tears the day this stubborn and angry goat was being slaughtered


LIFE IS SHORT – the peril of all mortals

Like my gone goat friend reminded us all, life is very short and the things we do literally leaves a scar in the heart or belly of everyone we encounter

That being said it is noble to live a good life. Bearing in our minds that we are as sentient as the next being, therefore we should avoid inflicting pain and suffering on others

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 one day, you and everyone you love will die. And beyond a small group of people for an extremely brief period of time, little of what you say or do will ever matter. This is the uncomfortable Truth of life. And everything you think or do is but an elaborate avoidance of it. We are inconsequential cosmic dust, bumping and milling about on a tiny blue speck. We imagine our own importance. We invent our purpose – we are nothing

Mark Manson

This mortality is the curse of Humanity, and every other living species. However, it appears that this curse of mortality, which I would call cancer is what drives everyone to act in whatever way they decide to act, which can be constructive or destructive

If someone in the name of love or money, whatever it may be, decides to manipulate, lie and deceive you, it is always wise to detach yourself from them. This is because although life is invariably a game in some form, it is wise to use the short time allocated for this game to do things that we would be proud of on our death beds.

For a start, when it comes to reacting to actions, you would discover that it is only the things that you permit to get to you that actually gets to you. Don’t be blinded, life is much more than Money, sex, power or fame. Don’t be blinded by the corrupt world.


THIS IS HOW ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE – the feedback loop of corruption

All parents want the best for their children, this is how all hell broke loose.

Donald Trump once called Nigeria a “Shit hole country”, and it was for good reasons


Few years ago, in my Hostel, a hostel commissioned by the president as of then (Goodluck Jonathan), a discussion erupted, it was about corrupt Nigerian Politicians who loot money as though it were their legal rights. I mean, everyone knows they steal, we just beg them to at least mend our roads before they syphon all the money, no one bothers about standard electricity, water or security (hoping for those is like believing in Santa). But this is not the interesting part of the story, the interesting part of the story is after the much-heated discussion.

At the end of the discussion, one of the guys admitted that if he was in such a position, that he would in fact steal more than the current politicians. He wasn’t alone in this concessive confession (they are the future parents who wants a good life for themselves and their prodigies)

In a quest for a better life, we lost our lives

The society receives countless feedback of success in doing the wrong things, so much emphasis has been placed on the importance of Money, Power, Sex and fame that we are forced to believe that those are the definitions of success and who ever archived any of these, no matter the means, is indeed wise and deserves some accolades.

It is a race to the bottom, like smoking, we are killing ourselves and smiling.

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How do you explain to a child that stealing is not good, when those who steal live large and grow fat while those who don’t starve and murmur? Every child is growing to become a tiger, ready to devour anything and anyone just to achieve the ideal dream of a successful individual.

With each evil jugged wrongly as “success”, comes an addiction to do wrong in order to taste “success”

How do you stand against evil, when there is no ground for good?


THIS IS NIGERIA – a honest review


The bitter truth is that a corrupt country breeds a generation of liars, cheats, criminals and people who feel entitled…, just to mention a few

Guess why falz the Bahd Guy said “everybody b Criminal” in his cover song “This is Nigeria”. Guess again why the government got enraged.

People only relate to insults if it relates to them. Calling me a “Hobbit” won’t get to me because I’m at least 6’2 ft tall.

They got mad because Nigeria is indeed full of criminals. Remember when David Cameron (UK’s Prime Minister) said Nigeria is “fantastically corrupt”, I don’t think he was learning nursery rhymes

And for some funny reason everyone who leaves the country complains why they are being harassed and deported.

The country indeed needs help. Every single soul in it, including the Clergy men who claim to hear from the Maker of the Universe.

Honestly, I’m afraid, I’m afraid I am equally corrupt

It is impossible to know, I can’t judge myself, not with all the subconscious bias I’ve been feed with since childhood.

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OVERVIEW OF A NIGERIAN’S CHILDHOOD – the plague begins too soon

As a child in Nigeria, you get to learn early that

  • Security is a joke
  • Education is a joke
  • Love is a joke
  • Health care is a joke
  • Justice is a joke
  • And the list goes as far as your imagination can hold

These days, sex is gotten by the best players, money is not a direct function of value but of ability to con, education is about how much you can pay those in power, and healthcare is gotten outside the country, let’s not even get started with security.

In such an environment, what kind of mindsets would grow and flourish. People openly encourage others to deceive and take money, Ponzi scheme riddle our social medias and while all these are happening, the best of the best, those of us who manage to stay pure or at least didn’t let the corruption get the best of them, always manage to find themselves outside the country after which they never return. Thus, the little good is leaving, and the bad is growing

This is more than a feedback loop, this is an infestation


THE WAY OUT – beating the game

I started this blog with hopes of shearing my ideas to aid those in secondary schools and universities, however, from my observation, the people who need to listen to an advice the most never really want to hear it

It’s like giving drugs to the sick, they almost always resist and most times vomit when forced

As stated in the beginning of the article, it’s all a game that began before any of us were born, and it is something we do not have control over. No matter how much you plan your life, it would still be distorted in more ways than you would wish to be conscious of.

However, like my angry Goat experience, life is pretty same everywhere. It is all about how you take it

Hey! “this is America” was sang before “this is Nigeria”.

Everyone is complaining of one thing or the other. But the trick like I said in the beginning of this article is to learn how to accept all the uncomfortable truths and still live a good life.

Security has never existed anywhere before, people who play it safe die as often as those who are reckless, it’s all just a matter of perception.

You must learn to be tolerant. Having in front of your mind that you are not in this world all by yourself, you are in fact sharing the planet simultaneously with over 7 billion people, who are also living their lives in pursuit of happiness.

Like stated earlier, and if you have ever visited the about page of this blog, I am not a preacher nor a prophet (and consequentially don’t hear from the Maker), all the advice I’ve given and would continue to give are not just from my head, they are wisdoms that have been tried and tested

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it – Sir Edmond Burke

It is time we realize that living like hungry wolfs won’t help anyone, it is destructive, no matter how you look at it. It is better to look at history and learn the noble way of living. Living a life full of compassion  and empathy

Life is like a maze, it is better to follow the road map, than roam aimlessly as time flies and our cancer of mortality eats us up mercilessly.

Your Game has started. Every other player is just like you – ready to play

Within your short time on earth, what score would you reach in this game called life?

HEY! If you didn’t get the point of this Long Article,

 I’m sorry you would have to go through it again

until you do




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