How To Stop Feeling Like You’re Falling Behind In Life?

Ever scroll through social media and feel like everyone's winning except you How To Stop Feeling Like You're Falling Behind In Life

Ever scroll through social media and feel like everyone’s winning except you? I know that surreal feeling of watching time and your peers fly by. They’re getting married, having kids, leaving the country – achieving all the “adulting” milestones.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m genuinely thrilled for them (whether they are my friends or strangers … Read more

Forget Others’ Ideas Of Career Success. Here Is How To Create Yours.

The traditional definition of career success is often based on external factors, such as making a lot of money or getting a high-status job. However, these factors are not always relevant to our individual needs and desires. In fact, trying to achieve success based on these external factors can lead to discontentment, anxiety, and confusion. I know this, because I used to be that typical young Nigerian who cared too much about what others thought…

How To Get What You Want In Life: 7 Lessons From Elisha And The Widow’s Oil

The big lesson from the story of Elisha and the Widow’s Oil is: No matter how badly you wish or pray for something, you must prepare for it to get it – you must have sufficient vessels/capacity to hold it. Your miracle is proportional to your level of readiness

A lot of people want good things to happen to them, yet they aren’t prepared for it.

Why Is It Important To Not Give Up On Yourself – [5 Inspiring Reasons]

Why is it important to not give up on yourself? because to give up on yourself is to betray yourself and the world at large.  I have seen a man giving up on himself, his passion, his dreams countless times, as he came of age. I am that man. And I can tell you that while there may be several soothing reasons to justify this failure to accomplish your heart desires…

Wasted Away: Why Am I So Afraid Of Success? [4 Things You Must Do To Overcome Success Anxiety Before It Ruins Your Life]

Isn’t it strange that (almost) all of us say we want to be successful, yet when we stand in front of the open door, welcoming us to that success, we freeze up – terrified, paralyzed, unable to walk through? why? Why is “success” so scary? – “Why are we so afraid of success?”

6 Reasons Why Chasing Success Sucks [Do This Instead]

If chasing success means persistently working towards achieving a certain level of accomplishment or recognition in one’s personal or professional life, then almost every normal person chases success. And I assume you have some form of success you are pursuing too, right? Well, I have some unsettling news about chasing success #1 Success Requires Losers … Read more