Hi, my name is Dick David

I’m an artist, writer, and thinker.

When I’m not drawing beautiful art portraits for clients, I’m usually busy condensing my thoughts in writing.

The books here are a result of my deep thoughts which have bled into pages of easily digestible texts.

They are helpful, insightful, and creatively written.

Enjoy …

5 Years In School - how to get high grades, friendships, and money in school

Over the course of 5 years in school, Dick David went from being an asocial, broke, and unhappy person to becoming a sociable, and well-adjusted young man.

Although this book doesn’t explore his life deeply, but simply highlights the most important lessons and tips that will be of tremendous help to you, the book has multiple stories interwoven into it – some of which stretch throughout the book.
Written in a friendly and conversational tone, the book is an easy read, and a fun one at that. With ample jokes to keep the reader engaged.

The book also has references to other materials that are extremely helpful.
Reading this book is you downloading a map that has led to your desired destination before, and would again bring you desired results if you adhere to it.

Split into three independent sections. The book starts off by clarifying the big question “is going to school worth it?”. Then it quickly swings into showing you

  • How to skyrocket your academic performance,
  • How to nurture great/healthy relationships, and finally
  • How to make money in school, and beyond.

Then something interesting happens just after the closing of the third section. A bonus section is uncovered. But I’ll let you discover it for yourself.

This book was written for under graduates thought the lessons it contains can be used by anyone who is facing challenges in 

  • Learning
  • Relationships (both with friends and lovers) and
  • Money

It is not tedious to read, and you can easily jump to any section of your interest without missing any valuable information

So, enjoy 🙂

My Phone Is My Best Friend - how to achieve your wildeset dreams through social media

It’s really a fascinating world we now live in. Better still is the world we have created for ourselves. A world of Frozen smiles and Moments.

You know, those perfect shots – with the perfect angle, lighting – capturing the perfect smile and our most cherished moments. It’s great
Every second, every moment, someone somewhere is saying something over a text, a voice note is being recorded, videos are being shot and forwarded – it never stops, we never stop interacting with each other on the internet – especially social media.

Even when we fall asleep, our online profile still interacts with people around the world, actively displaying and sharing our views, opinions, and personas. It keeps interacting with people – within our environment or the other end of the globe – and depending on how cool, funny, or insane, we are, or the thing(s) we did, we’d wake up each day to new likes, shares, and followers.


This book will show you how to use social media to your advantage by exploring the “world” of social media, and then giving you practical advice, and tips that would help you achieve your wildest dreams through social media. And Oh! you get to learn how to get a website for free.

As the title suggests, this book is written for anyone with a smart phone who wish to achieve their dreams


I haven’t met anyone who wasn’t impressed by the ideas here. Sometimes, that amazes me even.

So, check it out

Enjoy 🙂


I love the cover desings, and it reads nice