Scared To Say “I Love You”: 7 Steps To Overcome The Fear

Who is your favourite celebrity? What do you love the most about them? Other than your sheer admiration of their looks and talents, have you ever daydreamed of having a romantic relationship with them?  I have a thing for bodacious, intelligent, and fierce celebrities like Beyonce and Angelina Jolie. But, in real life (IRL), it … Read more

How to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend (Without Scaring Her Or Risking Embarrassment)

If you don’t ask her, how would you know?

Asking brings clarity. Yet it doesn’t guarantee certainty.

And most times the uncertainty is the scariest part. I mean the anxiety of not knowing what she would say or do. What if she says yes? What if her friends discourage her?  What if things get awkward? 

7 Steps To Break Up With Your Partner Without Hurting Them

Breaking up doesn’t always mean you don’t love your partner. It can happen if the relationship is no longer working or if the people involved are not compatible. It is important to end things in the nicest way possible, even if you are the one who wants to break up. In this post we will discuss how to break up with your partner without hurting them.

Things to Do Before Getting Back With Your Ex: Tips on How to Talk to Them About It

Relationships are not always perfect. The problems that might have led to your breakup were probably the ugly parts. Nevertheless, the good experiences can create nostalgia, and get you running back to your ex. 

It’s normal if you feel like getting back with your Ex-lover, chances are they want you back too. Nevertheless, you should take certain precautionary steps to avoid getting hurt, or hurting your ex again.

Love Dilemma: How to Trust Your Gut and Make the Right Decision

Love dilemma is a complex, confusing, and counterintuitive feeling of attraction towards one or more people. If an individual is experiencing a love dilemma, they may feel overwhelmed with confusion and unhappiness if they try to ignore or fight it. On the other hand, if they allow themselves to go with the flow, they may experience a mix of happiness and anxiety.

Empathy Vs Compassion: The Dangers of Empathy And Why You Must Develop Compassion To Truly Help People

Having empathy means trying to personify a person’s perspective, emotions, and feelings.
It’s not just a feeling. It’s an ingrained feature of our species. It is as powerful as the sense of hunger or fear. Mirror neurons in the brain help you react by mimicking the activity of the brain of the sufferer.

Empathy is useful, but it has its dangers…