Does “Body Count” Really Matter In a Relationship?

It is easy to intellectually argue that body count doesn't matter and that it is just a number, but it really does matter to people to you otherwise, these difficult feelings and questions wouldn’t

Sex is arguably the most emotionally charged activity most people engage in legally. It’s primal, personal, and requires crossing many boundaries to experience. Barring abuse, it involves knowing someone intimately in a way most of the world never will. So, it’s understandable that we attach great significance to it. When you learn that someone you’re … Read more

Friends With Benefits: The Truth About Having A Physically Intimate Relationship With A Friend

Friends with benefits (FWB) is a type of relationship where two people are physically intimate with each other, but they’re not committed to each other like partners are. People involved in a FWB relationship enjoy spending time together but do not have plans of getting married, building a house and raising children together, or any of such things. There simply are no strings attached.

Why she/he asks “do you love me?” Constantly [what to do]

Many people (especially women) usually pause to ask their partner “do you love me?”, especially when they are about to have sex (and especially when it’s the first time). And, in a seemingly mindless way, this question is usually given a positive answer, “yes I love you” – which in most cases isn’t true; at least, not in the intended sense.

4 Funny Reasons You Got Friendzoned

They always say that the most successful person in the room is the person that has failed the most. On that account don’t feel bad if you’ve just gotten friend-zoned, it means you’re trying. However, here are 4 funny reasons you got friend-zoned.

 I know this isn’t really a funny topic, but once you cross the friend-zone and get into a relation-ship, then you would most likely remember this article and laugh.

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Rising Above A Corrupt World (with emphasis on Nigeria)

In Life No matter how much you plan your life, it would still be distorted in more ways than you would wish to be conscious of because the world is corrupt, but there is a way out. and it involves your thinking about others first. this is a guide to rising above a corrupt world

I grew up in a relatively unknown and little town in Nigeria, in this little town death was a characteristic thing, we woke up each day to hear that at least two young men were killed in a gang clash, things were really that bad. This is my attempt to give anyone that reads this a reason to rise above the corrupt system.

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How to Get a Girlfriend: 10 Steps Guide To Finding The Right Girl

In my second year at university, I had a crush. It was so strong that I would sometimes blurt out her name without realising it. One day, I mustered the courage to ask for her phone number. “I wanted to get your phone number.”, I said to her almost inaudibly. She looked at me funny … Read more