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Why We Must Be Grateful To Society (Even When It Is Not Perfect)

There is a strong temptation to be ungrateful to society due to its imperfection, but we must exercise gratitude because society lays the foundation for the order (law, commerce, democracy, etcetera) and whatever privileges we enjoy (including access to clean water, the internet, education, and even the “peace” we enjoy).

THE KAIZEN PRINCIPLE: The Secret To Staying One Move Ahead In Life

competition is inevitable. There is a dire need to step up, to stay above the water, to survive… And Kaizen is how you do it. Life requires that you stay ahead. Because, if you’re not doing better than the Tigers, then you would be Tiger food. If you are not doing better than the snakes, you would be homeless. Even the rodents are in competition for your food. We are left with only one choice: “stay one move ahead”

6 REASONS WHY CHASING SUCCESS SUCKS [And How To Be Successful Without Regrets]

Almost every normal person I know wants to succeed and is chasing success in some way, and I assume you have some form of success you are pursuing too, right? Well, I have some unsettling news about chasing success If you had a normal childhood, then you must have played some form of game: maybe …

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Once the word “success” is mentioned, many people envision receiving a Grammy, taking a joyride in a new Lamborghini, or chilling in a jacuzzi at a 7-star hotel – with roses, music, wine, diamonds, and their enemies kissing their asses, because even understanding is a success.


You build confidence by practicing. But, practicing is controlled failure. It is you doing something you suck at till you rock at doing it. So, if you want to be confident when you are not, you would have to…