Don’t Waste 2023: 7 Reasons You Must Start Planning For Your Goals Immediately

Every year, especially on New Year’s Eve, billions of people talk about new year’s resolutions and goals they intend to achieve in the new year. But most of these new year resolutions and goals are carryovers from the just concluded year. Roadblocks over the previous year stopped them from happening.

Why We Must Be Grateful To Society (Even When It Is Not Perfect)

There is a strong temptation to be ungrateful to society due to its imperfection, but we must exercise gratitude because society lays the foundation for the order (law, commerce, democracy, etcetera) and whatever privileges we enjoy (including access to clean water, the internet, education, and even the “peace” we enjoy).

How To Live Happily: A Short Book About Living A Happy, And A Meaningful Life [Free ebook PDF]

when was the last time you were happy? do you think you’d be happy in future? what would make you happy in life? how can you live happy? These are some of the questions (amongst over two dozens others) that this short and nicely written guide explores and helps you answer. It is a short guide to living a happy and meaningful life

THE KAIZEN PRINCIPLE: The Secret To Staying One Move Ahead In Life

competition is inevitable. There is a dire need to step up, to stay above the water, to survive… And Kaizen is how you do it. Life requires that you stay ahead. Because, if you’re not doing better than the Tigers, then you would be Tiger food. If you are not doing better than the snakes, you would be homeless. Even the rodents are in competition for your food. We are left with only one choice: “stay one move ahead”

6 Reasons Why Chasing Success Sucks [Do This Instead]

If chasing success means persistently working towards achieving a certain level of accomplishment or recognition in one’s personal or professional life, then almost every normal person chases success. And I assume you have some form of success you are pursuing too, right? Well, I have some unsettling news about chasing success #1 Success Requires Losers … Read more