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Hello, I’m Dick David: A Writer And Editor Who Keeps It Simple (Yet Elegant).

Pawns is a self-help and self-development blog aimed mainly at 15-30-year-olds. It was created to help you become the best version of yourself, or as we say here, to help you "Grow Up, Level Up, Step Up". So enjoy!

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It's like downloading all of the information, wisdom, and experiences from other people's minds into yours. That is exactly what a book does for you. Lessons can be learnt, and benefits victories can be enjoyed, without suffering setbacks or mistakes. Live life wisely by reading

Learn Skills

As kids we played lots of games, and enjoyed them because the rules were clear and we had all we needed to play. Life as an adult isn't much different, we just have to play more advanced games with more advanced rules. Most adults never fully realize this, which is why they struggle for most of their lives. By acquiring the necessary skills and learning the rules, you can bring back your childhood enthusiasm into adulthood


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