Hello, I'm

Dick David

I believe we all have higher potentials within. And that we can still become better versions of ourselves no matter the level we are at right now. 

This is why I consider myself a Pawn: A person always willing to grow up, level up, and step up.

How May I Help You?

We are like trees: We need to grow in more than one aspects of our lives at once in order to be considered healthy. So, tell me, how may I be of help today?


Read Helpful Articles Here

I write articles that are inspired by the books I read. Then I mix the knowledge with some of my life experiences to help you.


Learn How To Make Money

I struggled with money until I found a secret that have helped me keep a full wallet. I would be glad to teach you too.


Download A Book And Enjoy

I have written some books: some are free and some are not. I wonder which would be of more value to you.

My Services

I can draw beautiful Art portraits of you, or your loved one. You can place it in your room or office, and  admire it for years to come

I can write for you: Sales copies, blog posts, web copies, etcetera. All you have to do is state your desire.

All blog posts and copies on this website are my portfolio.

letter, handwriting, ink