Hello, I’m Dick David, the owner of this Website. Within this website, you would find my thoughts and opinions as well as my works.

Dick David
Dick David

This Website is built to help you overcome many of your struggles and appreciate what you already have so far. It aims at making you a better person by discussing a wide range of topics.

The information contained in this website is not the ultimate capital “T” truth, there may be generalizations that may not fit every circumstance, thus, false in such a situation.

However, all the thoughts presented here have been well thought and scrutinized. Here is a book containing many of those thoughts, it is titled GameOver and it’s free for you.

The Artworks you would also find here have been created by me and have been subject to some form of digital editing in order to better present them, however, they have not been manipulated to the extent of misleading you.

Completed Pencil Art work, side view. Afro nappy hair. Black and white

Everything present in this blog comes from the bottom of my heart, and of course a lot of reading, research and practice. This website is a documentation of my life experiences as well as thoughts. These are the things I hope would be helpful to anyone who reads them.

You can reach me via Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etcetera…The links are all provided below

Take your time and have a swim in my thoughts, hopefully, you would find gold in it. Explore the Gallery and Download sections. Freely download, consume and shear all that is free and that you can buy.


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By Mr. Dick David.


Drawing of an eye

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