David Ifeanyi

David Ifeanyi is a writer and a photographer, with a decent background in music (as a guitarist and songwriter). He was also recognized as a promising young talent in art during Secondary school. David cares so much about his family, friends and appreciates the beauty of humanity. He uses his art to help people with their personal development, mental health, and relationships, whilst simultaneously illuminating different shades of our daily lives.

Death Anxiety In 20s: Why You Shouldn’t Fear Death, And How To Cure Thanatophobia.

Have you ever spoken of death or dying among your folks? I am sure you got “the look” if you did. The topic (death) is unsettling. And being mostly swept under the rug, it’s no surprise Thanatophobia or death anxiety in 20s is very common. The topic of death (or dying) is hidden by society …

Death Anxiety In 20s: Why You Shouldn’t Fear Death, And How To Cure Thanatophobia. Read More »

8 Simple Ways To Build, Improve, And Regain Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is not hereditary, it has nothing to do with your social status, and age has no bearing on it. In fact, low or lack of self-confidence is an issue almost everyone struggles with at some point in their lives. That is why this piece would expose 8 simple ways to build, improve, and regain your self-confidence.

Why Is It Important To Not Give Up On Yourself – [5 Inspiring Reasons]

Why is it important to not give up on yourself? because to give up on yourself is to betray yourself and the world at large.  I have seen a man giving up on himself, his passion, his dreams countless times, as he came of age. I am that man. And I can tell you that while there may be several soothing reasons to justify this failure to accomplish your heart desires…

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