Finding Purpose In Pain: How To Grow Through Pain (Instead of Suffering) 

Pain exists. You can’t wish it away. It visits in many ways – getting sick, losing loved ones, having a breakup, getting fired, or even small daily annoyances like traffic, spilt drinks, misplaced keys, or a stubbed thumb. However, it is how we interpret and respond to these pains that determine whether they lead to … Read more

Overcome Blame-Shifting Habits: The Path to a Responsible and Fulfilling Relationship

Almost everyone did this as kids: Pointing at siblings or friends as the reason for breaking dishes or misplacing books, to avoid getting in trouble. Sadly, for many people, not much has changed as adults, including in romantic relationships. They dread admitting when they’re wrong. This could be, to save face. Other times, it’s a … Read more

10 Things To Do With Your Life [Before You Die] 

One idea that caused a Jupiter-sized change in me was the concept of “Memento Mori” (Latin for “Remember you must die”). I first encountered the ideas in Ryan Holiday’s book “Ego is the Enemy”. The subject might sound pessimistic and unpleasant for most people, but it helped me develop a personal philosophy of how to … Read more

How to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend (Without Scaring Her Or Risking Embarrassment)

If you don’t ask her, how would you know?

Asking brings clarity. Yet it doesn’t guarantee certainty.

And most times the uncertainty is the scariest part. I mean the anxiety of not knowing what she would say or do. What if she says yes? What if her friends discourage her?  What if things get awkward? 

How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

It was almost midnight as I scrolled through Facebook. I stumbled upon her profile: she looked intelligent, driven, and possessed a calming aura. I sent a friend request, and we connected.  Time went by, we got to know more about ourselves, and our friendship bloomed. Soon, it morphed into love. We shared struggles, secrets, fears, … Read more

3 Tips To Make Valentine’s Special For Him

Valentine’s Day, often painted with shades of red and roses, can seem like a one-size-fits-all affair. But, a truly special day goes beyond heart-shaped chocolates, drinks and pairs of underwear. Making Valentine’s special for him is about understanding him deeply and crafting an experience that resonates with his unique personality, interests, and desires.

5 Reasons Why You Do The Things You Swore Not To Do  

Romans 7:15 is a verse from the Bible. It says, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do. But what I hate, I do.”  The verse is part of a passage where the Apostle Paul, a man considered an upright and unshakable believer of the Christian … Read more

3 Strategies For Making Decisions When You Don’t Have All The Information 

Decision-making is inescapable. It’s like encountering crossroads – you must choose a path to follow; you must make a decision, or nothing progresses, and, at worst, you might be left behind by those who make decisions. Whether it’s about your career, relationships, or even meals, decisions are an integral part of moving forward in life. … Read more