Pawns spawned from the idea of the actual pawn pieces in the game of chess.

It was in 2017 that Dick David had the epiphany and first used it as a nickname, then later as a brand name: the idea behind Pawns is as simple as the concept of the pawns in the game of chess

black chess chess pieces close up
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Pawns are the “dark horses” of the Game of Chess that bravely step forward even when the stronger pieces lay in wait – pawns gradually, and calculatedly make their way to the other side of the board and then transform to Queens – the strongest and most feared pieces in the game.

In Life, almost everyone starts little. We go from being ignorant to knowledgeable, weak to strong, poor to rich, and so on… It inevitably takes time, patience, and consistency to truly become anything worthy of note.

The thought of being a Pawn may not strike one as a novel or an admirable concept yet it creates a simple and practical construct to approach life from. This is because, if one accepts their position in life, wherever that may be, and acts with the mentality of a pawn (never backs down, but proceeds with wisdom till it gets its price) one is certain to have a remarkable life.

Hence, Pawns exists to help individuals make better moves (life choices) that would enable them become better versions of themselves (just as Pawns get promoted to Queens).

Pawns doesn’t stand as an infallible authority in any field but rather serves as a source of guidance and inspiration.

The tone on this website is mostly friendly but sometimes preachy; The language is relatable and (for now) the comment sections are open so you can freely air your opinions or ask for clarifications.

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I’m Dick David, the founder of Pawns.

Like all great things, I was in my room wearing nothing, save my underwear, when I received this inspiration to start Pawns.

When I got the epiphany, I quickly went out and bought a necklace with a pendant of a crown. To me, that crown was the final destination of the Pawn. So, I loved that pendant because it steadily reminded me of the future of any Pawn – which I consider myself to be.

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The crown eventually morphed into the logo of the brand. That is why, though the name “Pawns” is promoted, the vision, idea, and drive is geared towards becoming a “Queen”.

Actually, this whole Pawns thing is just an obsession to become better – just like the Pawns.

I believe no one is special – because if we are all special, then no one is, right? – however, I understand that some are more developed than others – some have worked their way up to “Queen” stature.

What this means for you and I is that there is a need for us to put in the work.

When I started on this journey, I didn’t know what I was doing – I mean the blogging journey. I just read a bunch of blog post, and saw some few videos on YouTube and decided to launch a website.

As at the time of launching I didn’t even know it was a “self-help” blog. I just wrote whatever came into my head.

After few years of writing, I discovered that most of my writing addressed the challenges of College/university students, so, I packaged those writing, added a lot of other useful information, and created my first book (5 Years In School).

Subsequently, I discovered that I was better at writing about human relationships (since I read about those most of the time). So, I slowly shifted focus to talking more about that, rather than about “everything”.

I do not know where this blog is heading, all I know is that one day it would become a place where people can come and find solutions to different challenges they are facing.

I am Dick David.


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“Grow up, Level up, Step Up – Long Live the Pawns”

Dick David