What Is The Truth

What is the truth

The question of what the truth is cuts across numerous disciplines and aspects of our lives. From science and philosophy, down to religion and individual experiences, what the truth is has been in constant debate. The debate is good. The problem is, most people do not understand what the truth is so they end up fighting about the wrong things, whilst holding on to lies. 

How Confirmation Bias Can Impact Your WorldView; And 4 Strategies To Overcome or Minimize it

When the fool speaks the wise man is silent and listens. He sees the potential to learn, or the needlessness of arguing. Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias traps your mind, skews your perception of the world, and leads you astray. Many people have such a disconnect from the truth that they only believe in things that conform to their biases. Because reality differs from what we think, such blind allegiance to biases can lead to a lot of needless and avoidable suffering, pain, and lack.

The Role Of Critical Thinking In Seeking The Truth. [+11 Critical Thinking Tools]


In this age of information, we are constantly being bombarded by a constant stream of data and it has become even more imperative to be able to separate fact from fiction, truth from lies, and real information from disinformation and misinformation. You need a tool that will help you do all this. That tool is called Critical Thinking.