How to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend (Without Scaring Her Or Risking Embarrassment)

Bottling up your feelings because you're shy, nervous or afraid can actually intensify the feelings. How to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend Without Scaring Her Or Risking Embarrassment

If you don’t ask her, how would you know?

Asking brings clarity. Yet it doesn’t guarantee certainty.

And most times the uncertainty is the scariest part. I mean the anxiety of not knowing what she would say or do. What if she says yes? What if her friends discourage her?  What if things get awkward? 

Fake Friends Fake: How To Tell Your Friend Is Fake

Late last year, I realised I was feeling undervalued, used, and even disrespected by my friends, even though none of them had done anything specific to warrant those feelings. It was my own unmet expectations for constant calls, support, and appreciation that were causing this internal conflict. However, at the time, I lacked awareness of … Read more

Friends With Benefits: The Truth About Having A Physically Intimate Relationship With A Friend

Friends with benefits (FWB) is a type of relationship where two people are physically intimate with each other, but they’re not committed to each other like partners are. People involved in a FWB relationship enjoy spending time together but do not have plans of getting married, building a house and raising children together, or any of such things. There simply are no strings attached.

Sharing Secrets With Friends: Why, When, and How To Share Sensitive Information.

We are called social creatures for a reason: Talking to others is how we organise our thoughts and moderate our emotions. When you are stuck in your head, it is easy to lose touch with reality – this could be by being overly fearful, confident, heartbroken, pleased, and so on. Talking to others – hearing their replies, or at least seeing their facial expressions – is how we know our thoughts are in line. Hence, without someone to talk to you cannot accurately/optimally approach reality. 

How To Overcome  Shyness [And Attract People]

A shy person is someone who often feels uncomfortable or scared in social situations. They may be nervous, self-conscious, or insecure, which makes it difficult for them to interact with others or express their emotions. This anxiety stems from their concerns about how they will be perceived or treated by others. However, being shy is not necessarily a negative quality.

Build Intimacy In Friendship With These 10 Tips

Intimacy in friendship is a profoundly close and vulnerable relationship between two friends. An intimate friend is someone you trust and feel safe around. You will most likely have shared experiences, mutual values, common worldviews, and a desire to communicate with each other in a completely honest, transparent, and exhaustive manner.