Meditating With Music: How I Find The Inner Strength To Keep Going

Look around and you will find reasons to throw in the towel. From your neighbourhood to your schoolyard, to your social media feed, there is a constant source of self-loathing and self-doubt.  Friends’ galleries of accomplishments may remind you of how far you are from the finish line. Celebrities’ songs may make you feel socially … Read more

Maybe You Need Less: Finding Meaning And Purpose Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

I grew up in a poor family in a bustling but economically impoverished neighbourhood of Lagos, Nigeria. With six of us living in one room (so you can imagine how cramped and exhausting it was). Sometimes, I would wake up to find myself under the bed, my face stained with charcoal from the blackened pots … Read more

Self-Forgiveness: How to Heal and Move On From Your Mistakes

As a new chess player, I made many mistakes. This was frustrating, and I would get discouraged whenever I lost to a more experienced player. However, looking back, I realize that my mistakes helped me improve my game. I learned to think more carefully about my moves and to consider more possibilities. Much like my … Read more

Morality Is A Social Construct: The Reason Nigeria Is So Religious, Yet So Corrupt

Morality is about how we relate with other people. How our actions impact the well-being of others.

Sadly, the poorer people get, the more they get desperate – short-sighted, self-serving, heartless, and even cynical. {The more evil and corrupt the country gets).

If you like pray from now till you cry blood, if Nigeria doesn’t get richer, and our economy, healthcare system, and education don’t improve, our morality won’t get better.

Forget Others’ Ideas Of Career Success. Here Is How To Create Yours.

The traditional definition of career success is often based on external factors, such as making a lot of money or getting a high-status job. However, these factors are not always relevant to our individual needs and desires. In fact, trying to achieve success based on these external factors can lead to discontentment, anxiety, and confusion. I know this, because I used to be that typical young Nigerian who cared too much about what others thought…