HOW TO KISS SOMEONE YOU LOVE IN 7 STEPS [7 Crazy Life Lessons From Kissing Romantically]

How To Kiss Someone You Love In 7 Steps [+ 7 Parallel Life Lessons From Kissing Romantically]

To kiss someone you love, start by creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere. Make eye contact and move in slowly, giving your partner time to reciprocate the gesture. Gently place your hands on their face or wrap them around their waist as you lean in and close your eyes. Tilt your head slightly to one side and let your lips meet theirs softly, using gentle pressure and varying the intensity as you go. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the moment. Remember, it takes two to tangle, so pay attention to your partner’s responses and adjust accordingly. Communication, respect, and passion are key ingredients for a great kiss with someone you love.

how laughter can change your world

HOW LAUGHTER CHANGES YOUR WORLD [Why you must laugh daily]

Laughter, in our world, makes it not just tolerable, but enjoyable. With it, we can look at life not blinded by anger, regret, or shame, but rather an exciting and weird curiosity. With laughter, we can see our stupidity and that of others. With laughter, we can see what was beyond our control and what we could have done.