How To Get What You Want In Life: 7 Lessons From Elisha And The Widow’s Oil

How To Get What You Want In Life 7 Lessons From Elisha And The Widow's Oil your success is proportional to your level of readiness

The big lesson from the story of Elisha and the Widow’s Oil is: No matter how badly you wish or pray for something, you must prepare for it to get it – you must have sufficient vessels/capacity to hold it. Your miracle is proportional to your level of readiness

A lot of people want good things to happen to them, yet they aren’t prepared for it.

How To Find And Read Good Self-help Books:

There is often a great deal of things to learn from books. Books are text-based backups of the intelligence of the author. And, self-help books are one of the richest sources of intelligence – they contain practical and immediately implementable information we can use to upgrade our intelligence. 

The Role Of Critical Thinking In Seeking The Truth. [+11 Critical Thinking Tools]

In this age of information, we are constantly being bombarded by a constant stream of data and it has become even more imperative to be able to separate fact from fiction, truth from lies, and real information from disinformation and misinformation. You need a tool that will help you do all this. That tool is called Critical Thinking.

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to People’s Opinions and Advice: The Best Life Advice Ever

If “good advice” exist and works all the time, why hasn’t everyone taken them and made their lives a thousand times better?

The reality is, no advice is good or bad in itself but is relative in contrast to different people and situations.