Not Ready For A Relationship Just Yet? Here Are 7 Steps To Prepare Yourself For A Partnership.

Not Ready For A Relationship Just Yet Here Are Steps To Prepare Yourself For A Partnership. Readiness for a relationship isn't a simple yes or no. It's a spectrum, and it's okay to be

I know you want to. You might have even tried. Yet, a part of you is scared, worried, uncertain…Part of you resists. Yes, you’ve imagined the future with someone. You’ve shown care. You do care. They too may have shown their interest. They might have even encouraged you to take the next step. You see … Read more

Things to Do Before Getting Back With Your Ex: Tips on How to Talk to Them About It

Relationships are not always perfect. The problems that might have led to your breakup were probably the ugly parts. Nevertheless, the good experiences can create nostalgia, and get you running back to your ex. 

It’s normal if you feel like getting back with your Ex-lover, chances are they want you back too. Nevertheless, you should take certain precautionary steps to avoid getting hurt, or hurting your ex again.

Friends With Benefits: The Truth About Having A Physically Intimate Relationship With A Friend

Friends with benefits (FWB) is a type of relationship where two people are physically intimate with each other, but they’re not committed to each other like partners are. People involved in a FWB relationship enjoy spending time together but do not have plans of getting married, building a house and raising children together, or any of such things. There simply are no strings attached.