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You can make girls beg to be with you by becoming your best self – that is, become a wiser, healthier, richer, more powerful, and confident version of yourself – because that is what ladies want/expect from a guy (even if they may not admit it upfront).

How To Get a Girl’s Attention

One day whilst walking along the streets with my cousin, a hyper-excited boy called out to her, but she turned around, gave him a one-word reply, rolled her eyes, turned around again, and continued on our convo

I, being the crazy older cousin, threw in a sneaky question to find out more about what just happened. She sighed and said that the boy has been drooling over her for ages now. And when I pressed on a little more, I came to discover that it wasn’t just this 14-year-old boy who was trying to woo her. Guys my age (more than double hers) and even older have been bombarding this little girl with corny, direct, and very tempting proposals.

She was just 14.

Yet, she had already started experiencing a torrential downpour of sexual advancements – something she doesn’t even properly understand yet. Constantly barraged by unending streams of horny teenagers, adolescents, married men, you name them (both straight and LGBTQ+.

She has been saying “No” to money, jewelry, shoes, bags, wigs, phones, and a whole lot of things that I can’t possibly begin to conjure up in my mind.

And here was this 14-year-old, pimply-faced boy trying to compete.

That 14-year-old boy had no chance: for a start, he wasn’t confident, competent, or even sufficiently deceptive enough to woo her.

Her one-word of reply was the best he could get, and he barely even earned it – with his shaky voice and uncombed nappy hair. He couldn’t even afford to feed himself. It is no surprise she rolled her eyes.

In every imaginable way, he was no competition.

His only chance was to not be the person he currently was – his only chance was to become better.

How to make a girl interested in you when she’s not

If an average girl is exposed to a plethora of competing men and women, what really is the advantage one must have to become the winner – to be the one who gets to kiss her?

The question is, “what can you do to make a girl like you?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

It is NOT by

  • telling the girl “I love you”, “I care for you”, or “I am willing to jump in front of a speeding train just for you”.
  • calling and texting her day and night.
  • liking and commenting on all her social media posts.
  • buying her expensive gifts on her birthday.
  • etcetera.

It is none of those. In fact, what you have to do hardly concerns her.

I want you to sit back and think about it. Who is this girl already tripping for?

Because, whether you admit it or not, there is someone she is already drooling over, and it isn’t you. That person may not even be in the same town as you or her. He may not even be from the same country. Heck! He may not even be of the same race. But he is there. Behind an LCD. Somewhere in a TV show, in a commercial, on a football pitch, in a movie, doing his thing….

He is a celebrity. A star. He is living his best life, and he’s single – why should he be committed to one lady when every woman can be his?

Oh! You never thought of that?

You never imagined what it would feel like if you saw a girl who was identical to your celebrity crush. A girl who talks, walks, and behaves exactly like that girl you just sit and admire on TV. The girl you know you prolly have little to no chance to be with.

If you don’t want to be another horny young man amongst several other horny young men, who she just glazes over like a bunch of losers or dogs, if you don’t want her to list you amongst the league of over-enthusiastic guys who’ve sent her unsolicited “dick pics”, then you must learn to be a celebrity.

You must transform yourself into the kind of person she would be longing to be with.

I get it, there are ladies who are easily swayed by money – this is why brothels exist in the first place. There are also ladies who are starved of attention who would swallow any half-baked compliments you throw at them – who are willing for anyone and anything to have sex with them as long as it validates them by saying “I love you“. But my best guess is that you don’t want any of those.

I suspect you want someone special. You want the lady you look up to with admiration, but who doesn’t seem to reciprocate your love.

I feel your pain.

And that is why I’m going to relieve you of it.

But first, it’s going to sting a little.

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“Ignored”, “Friend zoned”, or “Used”, which is worse? [how to get a girl to like you back]

Giving her more attention, making her laugh, or buying her more stuff won’t necessarily win her over. If anything, it can backfire – and then you have her saving your phone number as “my ATM”, or “The funny guy”.

The truth is, the average girl has been exposed to enough samples of men to know that humans are mostly self-serving creatures. They have also come across the few who genuinely want their good, but that is usually the exception – and hardly enough to convince her to date …

Like Selena Gomez once said, “the heart want’s what it wants”.

Just like you desire that girl, she also desires someone. And until she gets what she wants she may never be happy. She may never want to commit to you no matter how much genuine love, care, and attention you shower on her.

In fact, having been exposed to enough “bad” guys, most girls would quickly make a “good” guy their friend – whilst this is good for them, and you also get to speak to them as often as you like, it is bad news for you because you have just been “friend-zoned” (which means, no romance)

She likes you a lot no doubt. But there is a “BUT”

It is hard to find someone who says “I love you”, or “I care about you” sincerely, so why do you think she wouldn’t want you close to her? Of course, she would want you by her side. She would want you to be that friend she can call when she’s in trouble, in need, or just want a shoulder to cry on.

Hence you are stuck in a dilemma:

  • Option A: Become her ATM
  • Option B: Become her friend
  • Option C: Don’t do anything (don’t give gifts, or show care) and suffer being ignored.

So, why is this so hard? What can you do? what chance do you have?

I would tell you.

How to make a girl think about you

Haven’t you been listening? She wants a celebrity!!!

Do you still remember that cool guy in secondary school who the girls flocked around?

That classmate who could dance in social gatherings.

Yeah, the one who performed best in sports – in soccer, table tennis, or racing for example.

The one who always walked with a spring in his steps.

The one who felt larger than life.

The one who was doing at least 3 girls in the same 30 square ft classroom.

Oh! boy, you forgot.

How could you forget something like that?

I know you wondered how he did it. Well, this is how he did it. He was a mini-celebrity.

He was focused on sports, singing, dancing, academics, or anything really.

He was focused on himself.

He was focused on being his best self.

If you want ladies to be chasing you, then make yourself chase-worthy. STOP CHASING!!!

If you chase, you instantly get drafted alongside the plethora of guys waiting in line – the ones she rolls her eyes over.

And this is the exact spot you don’t want to be in. In fact, you don’t even want to be the one she chooses from that group – you don’t want to be the winner.

You don’t want to be the guy she “considers” because she is bored, couldn’t get her crush to turn her direction, or was getting too close to menopause.

You want to be the guy that is “different”

How to make a girl fall deeply in love with you

I couldn’t believe how easy this was once I figured it out.

Like Jay Z once said, “when I walked into a room I used to wonder if they liked me, now I wonder if I like them”. I once used to drool over girls, until I realized that that was a losing game.

You know what they say, “don’t hate the player, hate the game.”. So, I switched games

The best thing, and the most appreciated thing you could possibly offer a lady – which is irresistible – is your best self. Show her your celebrity self.

If you could become that Artist, that writer, that _______(insert your profession/passion), then you have already won.

The funny thing about this approach is that if you adopt it strictly, you might end up upgrading your taste in ladies. You may not even like your crush any longer – she may not even be that attractive to you anymore.

All you have to do is focus on your self-development. Simple.

All you have to do is to keep upgrading yourself.

To do this, sick to

  • Reading more
  • Practicing (your craft) more
  • Putting in more hours and work (into your business or job)
  • Improving your communication and language skills
  • Working out more
  • Eating healthy
  • Buffing up your fashion/dress sense
  • Cultivating healthy/meaningful friendships
  • Connecting with family more
  • Giving more – especially to the less privileged
  • Becoming warmer to people
  • Listening more than you talk
  • Becoming less ill-tempered
  • Being more forgiving
  • Becoming more self-aware and in control of your whims
  • Becoming self-driven and ambitious
  • Etc.

The more you do all this, the more you would begin to attract hotter, and more advanced women, who don’t just want your money or pickup lines. Ladies who wouldn’t stress you, and who you have nothing to prove to. Ladies you won’t even struggle to woo or keep. Ladies, you would see it as an added blessing to your life.

Once you use this secret approach, you would begin to meet ladies who are equally

  • Self-driven and ambitious
  • Who works out (i.e. hot and sexy)
  • Who are kind, grateful, loving, caring, etc.
  • Who would listen to you
  • Who cares about others (i.e. not selfish)?
  • Who is forgiving
  • Who eat healthily
  • Who controls their desires?
  • Who are intelligent
  • Who dress nice
  • Who would inspire you to be more?
  • Etc…

It is no surprise then that you find Brad Pit dating Angelina Jolie, or Jay-Z marrying Beyonce.

If you approach dating with the mindset of manipulation, you end up attracting manipulative partners. If you want to show off, then you end up with superficial partners.

But, if you go the long and hard way: if you develop yourself, and become a successful and admirable person (in whatever field you find yourself), then you would, without an atom of doubt attract the ladies in that field.

So, which is it going to be?

Would you be that 14-year-old boy who keeps shooting his shot, rather than studying and working hard?

If you give yourself enough time to develop and become that attractive man, then you might end up cringing at the idea that you once drooled over that lady.

So, calm down.

Pick-up lines or any other technique you use would be ineffective if you are not ready.

If you are well-developed, you would have no need for pickup lines, as you can literally pick up any line from the environment (weather, her cloth, the chatter on the TV, etc.) and initiate an interesting conversation.

A conversation in which your intelligence and personality would be exposed. So, tell me again? If you aren’t a confident, self-driven, and ambitious young man, how are you going to fare in the long hurl of the convo? Are you planning on lying, or do you desire to keep hammering her with endless platitudes of your love for her?

I don’t know.

Maybe I should give you some time to think about it?

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