4 Funny Reasons You Got Friendzoned5 min read

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They always say that the most successful person in the room is the person that has failed the most. On that account don’t feel bad if you’ve just gotten friend-zoned, it means you’re trying. However, here are 4 funny reasons you got friend-zoned.

 I know this isn’t really a funny topic, but once you cross the friend-zone and get into a relation-ship, then you would most likely remember this article and laugh.

I’ll make this short


let’s just be friends

So… you badly wanted to play with their sex organs but you just couldn’t summon the courage to tell them. Okay, I agree, you had courage, and you wanted more than just sex, I get you.

But what were you waiting for, life is short and before you know it we would all be in Heaven singing

If you are thinking of getting into some relationships you are probably 15 or so years old, that’s like 19% of your life spent already, that’s if you are going to live up to 80. If you are 25 and have a life span of 75, you can go figure.

if you like the person in a sexual way, let them know. Putting that intention in the open would let the person understand what your moves mean, plus it would aid you to with a clear conscience, which eliminates manipulations, because, for a start, you have told them how you feel and if they do not feel same, they can easily say NO and everyone would readjust.

Now you won’t blame him or her for eating your money and still rejecting you, because you are doing it of your own accord and not because you want to impress the person, you are genuinely showing your care and affection, right?

Expressing yourself early helps the person not to take you as just a nice person, but rather a person that wants to sweep them off their feet…Nice people are good for friendships, that’s how you get into the friend zone in the first place


Aye…sometimes you need to do a little bit of persuading, especially when the person is monovalent(unsure) about you and your intentions. just don’t overdo it

And if you get a NO, take it at face value and stop, let the friendship continue on a neutral basis, no one would tell you NO if they really want you, and why the hell would you want to date someone who clearly doesn’t want you. Don’t do that to yourself

and O. try one more time.

What’s he talking about?

This is another biggie, sometimes, we rush headfirst into love, forgetting that love like every other emotion is fast fleeting, and what truly matters at the end is the ability to respect each other and continue in the struggle of life.

If you have serious financial issues, you should prolly consider that before getting so obsessed with love.

And No, this is not just about money, broke boys still do have girlfriends, hey! the poorest people have the most children even, and I’m pretty sure it’s not with dogs but with busty bodacious looking ladies, the type you mast&&&& with

Everything counts, your Manner of speech, dress code, demeanor, posture, smell, etcetera.

They may not matter to a person who has been stung by love, but as I said, with time, it all washes off…that’s when you start hearing questions like “what got into me?”

So, you better work on yourself, and keep doing so even after you find true love, because that’s what life is about – improvements

And no, don’t procrastinate this one too, procrastination is one of those things you got to deal with


You’ve seen the movies where people fall in love under the rain whilst rushing for an important appointment, or you have seen the movie “everything everything”, ya, that almost never works, so let’s leave that to the movies…I’m not saying that such things don’t happen, just that the chances are very slim

For a start, you got to stop locking yourself up in your room. Go out to events and meet people, its people you want to have a relationship with not your pet cat or dog.

Make it a habit to say yes to going out on events and parties, and try loosening up. Be optimistic.

And no Whatsapp and Facebook are not enough, meet face to face. that’s how they know you’re serious

You can only get friends and dates if you stop focusing on yourself and focus on other people (the people you want to date)

You make more fiends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you

Dale Carnegie

So, there you got it

Don’t worry, if you didn’t find this funny, come back after you got a boyfriend or girlfriend and read this again, sneezes, its really cold today, it’s a weather for two

because I just don’t want to ruin your mood and leave you sad, I made a post on how to get a girlfriend. check it out

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