The Reasons You Should Worry About What Others Think of You

The Reasons You Should Worry About What Others Think of You 1

It is not mere actions and words that people observe, but the patterns they create. It is the patterns that emanate from the track record of your actions that people use in determining your character – i.e. what you are most likely inclined to do in a given situation.  That alone is sufficient reason to pay attention to what they think about you

What If There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Person?

“The Greek word for ‘good’ (agathon) does not have a moral meaning. It just means ‘beneficial’. Conversely, the word for ‘evil’ (kakon) means ‘not beneficial’. Our world is rife with injustices and misdeeds of all kinds, yet there is not one person who desires evil in the purest sense of the word…”

Dear Introvert Friend: (Why And) How To Connect With People You Don’t Know, Easily

Although introverts are people who don’t have issues (and even enjoy) being alone with their thoughts, I encourage my introverted friends to connect with people they don’t know despite the anxiety or difficulty they may experience. This is because I discovered that I (who is also an introvert) became happier, more refined, and driven when I started connecting with and opening up to more people who didn’t know:

How to Get a Girlfriend: 10 Steps Guide To Finding The Right Girl

In my second year at university, I had a crush. It was so strong that I would sometimes blurt out her name without realising it. One day, I mustered the courage to ask for her phone number. “I wanted to get your phone number.”, I said to her almost inaudibly. She looked at me funny … Read more