WHY SHOULD WE OBEY THE LAW (a guide to personal values and how they affect humanity)4 min read

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The questions: “why should we obey the law? “, ” what is the most important thing?”, ” what is worth striving for?”, “what is worth a human life? “, “what should we live for? “, “what are good values to have as a person” etcetera, are questions that has not been given a solid answer because they don’t have any

The fact that one person considered something important doesn’t mean the next person considers it so

Someone might decide to save a piece of smooth stone which he picked on his way back from the beach, and to him that stone is priceless, so that he might even get into a fight if someone walks into his room and decides that the stone is worthless and throws it away despite his opinion as the owner of the stone (but are they really the owners? does anyone own anything? )

The thing about humans is our burning desire for MEANING, for RESPECT, for something more than the ORDINARY. We love to think our opinions are right, and we love people to respect the things we value. However, things aren’t this way

If you head out to Facebook for example, you’ll discover that the human mind is fascinating (but not in the pretty sense).Let’s say you stumble upon a religious argument (in a Group or personal post), you’ll discover that people would rather ridicule each others Faiths than come to a consensus (because that would mean watering down the sense of authenticity and specialty of their religion)

Which only goes further to prove that what you value, no matter how dear or divine it may be, means little or nothing to another, as a matter of fact they may even detest and abhor it (just like that darn stone)

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Like in a chess game where you must keep the king safe at all cost, Kings in our lives are things we make sure we do not loose; it can be family, love, money, sex, drugs, religion (it really can be anything)

It all boils down to what you, yes you, just you, and only you consider important

Someone who considers his studies important would do everything in his power to ensure he studies, and someone who considers music important would do everything within his power to make sure he practices

People have different passion, people have different beliefs and people have different points of view. Its why we are humans and its why we fight wars and make peace too


When it comes to choosing one’s values, the most important thing is to understand that nobody exists on their own.

The world is a sheared space

If someone decides that his “King” is raping and killing little girls, he won’t really live longer because the government would come for his neck

Laws where put in place to help curtail peoples excesses. .. Thus, what might be considered legal (tolerable) in one place might be considered illegal in another, it’s just all about their point of view, and that’s the reason laws and religions are “social constructs …even the word religion means “to uphold”, in the sense of obligation to God(s) and humanity

They are things people mostly agreed upon in order to thrive as a species (as the alternative, anarchy, would mean drowning in bloodshed and unimaginable horrors)


The point is that everyone is free as far as they don’t cross the red lines

When choosing what is most important, it is even more important to consider the way it affects others, that is, human kind and the environment (including the plants, animals and everything else).

Thus, you do not abide by the law and choose “good” values because you want to help others, no… You chose to abide by the laws and choose good values because you want to help yourself.

In most cases, the laws are good… However, they sometimes limit the quality of lives (as they can get too constricting due to limited understanding, dogmas or superstitions)

However, the solution isn’t violence, but rather education.. Reasons have to be stated why the laws need revisions and amendment.

PS: my King is about the world developing peacefully and with love

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