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The question of what is the most important thing? what is it that man should strive for? what is worth a mans life? what should we live for? and etcetera…

It’s a question that has not been given a solid answer …well, maybe it’s because it doesn’t have an answer

The fact that one person considered something important doesn’t mean the next person considered those same things important…

Someone might decide to save a piece of stone which he picked on his way back home, he might get into a fight if someone walks into his room and decides that that stone is dirt and threw it away despite the plea of the owner…OWNEER?

He considers himself the owner because he took possession before anyone else did. People claim lands, its how the early explorers claimed countries (but are they really the owners? does anyone own anything)

Back to the story, so here we have a man fighting another for a piece of pebble (a beautiful one though, but it can be considered ugly, ugly depending on another man’s judgment)

The thing about humans is our burning desire for MEANING, for RESPECT, for something more than the ORDINARY

If you head out to Facebook, you’ll soon discover that the human mind is a slippery slope, let me explain

Have you ever seen an argument on Facebook, lets say a religious argument, (I hate to use examples like this)

You’ll think that people would accept differences but no, they would rather ridicule the belief of another man

It only goes further to prove that what you value, no matter how dear or divine it may be, someone else doesn’t really give a shit about it, as a matter of fact they may even detest and abhor it


playing game power strength Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Like in a chess game where you must keep the king safe at all cost, Kings in our lives are things we make sure we do not loose, it can be family, love, money, sex, drugs, religion (it really can be anything)

It all boils down to what you, yes you, just you, and only you consider important…

Someone who considers his studies important would do everything in his power to ensure he studies, and someone who considers music important would do everything within his power to make sure he practices and rehearse

People have different passion, people have different beliefs and people have different points of view. Its why we are humans


When it comes to choosing ones King, the most important thing is to understand that no body exists on his own.

The world is a sheared space

If someone decides that his “King” is raping and killing under eighteen girls, he wont really live the life he wants because the government would come for his neck

Laws where put in place to help curtail peoples excesses, .yeah.. what might be considered legal(tolerable) In one place might be considered illegal in another, its just all about their point of view, that’s the reason laws and religions are called “social constructs” …

This goes further to prove that nothing is rigid…social constructs are things that can be tolerated without hurting others (at least not too much)


The main point of this post is to point out the fact that everyone is free as far as they don’t cross the red lines

When choosing what is most important, it is even more important to consider the way it affects yourself, human kind and the environment (that including the plants, animals and everything else) .

This reminds me of the Book “the subtle art of not giving a fck – by Mark Manson”, the Book expressly explains in details how it is important for us to save our “fucks” for the few things that matters most to us (here “fucks” means care or concern), he also stresses that we make sure our “fcks” are all based on good Values, values that are reality-based, socially constructive and immediately controllable, values like honesty..

I strongly recommend you reading the book

Make sure to leave your comments and feel free to shear, ill appreciate both

PS: my King is about the world developing peacefully

I’m David, an artist, writer, blogger, thinker, entrepreneur. I am still learning and I’m getting better. I’m the PAWN


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