Managing Emotions: How To Turn Your Emotions Into Power

Don't turn off or shut down your emotions. They are an immense source of power that can become a driving force propelling you forward. Managing Emotions How To Turn Your Emotions Into Power

Have you ever seen someone panic at the sight of a mouse or cockroach? Maybe that’s you. There’s no shame in that. I remember wanting to shut my windows after watching World War Z despite knowing zombies aren’t even real. We all have feelings – we all have emotions. That’s what makes us human. And, … Read more

Separation Anxiety In Young Adults [And 3 Ways To Overcome It]

Separation anxiety is a feeling of fear and emotional distress when a person is separated from a familiar or beloved individual, thing, or environment. 

Separation anxiety when left unchecked and challenged can become a disorder. That is, “Separation Anxiety Disorder” (SAD), which can affect or prevent an individual from carrying out their usual activities. Although commonly associated with babies and young children, it can also affect adults.

What Are You Watching? [Why You Need “Attention Diet” And How To Start]

“Attention diet” is an attempt to curtail and control the things you pay attention to (especially on screens), just as “going on a diet” requires you to eat less food, or only a particular kind of food to be healthy (or lose weight). So, what are you watching?