Does It Matter To Believe In Yourself? [Why Believing In Yourself Is The First Step To Success]4 min read

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One thing that I’ve always believed in is that everyone has the right and chance to succeed – to be whatever they want to be.

This belief posits that no one is born a winner or loser. It suggests that the results we get are largely based on how we decide to use our resources and opportunities.

I know that there are obvious exceptions: for example, those who are born in countries devastated by war, who lack a well-functioning mind, or who are missing limbs or other vital organs in their bodies (like eyes). You know, extreme cases. But, if you can afford to have a device, internet connection, and sufficient education to be able to read these words, you can succeed.

Someone might ask, “does it matter to believe in yourself?”. Well, the answer is yes. Multiple times this belief has been tested and has proven to be useful – in my life, and the lives of so many other success stories from all over the world. Believing in yourself is often times the first step to success.

A lot of people like to draw comparisons in the negative sense. They would be like, “if you (who is smart) didn’t come first in class, who am I?”, or, “If X who is pretty didn’t get a date, who am I?”, etcetera.

These sorts of comparisons usually get me annoyed and bemused at the same time… I always respond to such statements by reminding the person that if they, or any other person, get a higher score than I did, I wouldn’t be surprised…after all everyone has the chance to score as high as they want. The system is not rigged, and the requirement to come first is simply to return the most correct answers – something that is purely determined by how much effort you put into your studies. This is the same with getting the date, or whatever you aspire to attain.

Some people readily agree with me – they say, “yes you’re right, Oluomachi…” – while others go on arguing on how I’m trying to be modest about myself blah blah blah, etc.

I think it’s crazy. By believing that they can’t make it, they do not even try…at least, not enough. But, I (and other people who get to win every once in a while) have the conviction that efforts pay off – so, we keep on pushing our limits, until we achieve what seems unattainable at first glance.

What Believing In Yourself Can Do

I believe that everyone has the chance to succeed in – to be better – and this has helped me in so many ways.

  • This mindset has naturally drawn me towards optimism. I always look forward to the good side of everything; even if the problem is as big and high as the mountains, or as vast and deep as the oceans. It eggs me to find solutions rather than to worry or complain.
  • It has helped me cut off unhealthy comparisons in my life. When comparisons of achievement arise amidst my peers, I don’t get sucked in or jealous of other people’s achievements. I rather compare me to me – how I was before and how I am now – what I’ve achieved now to what I achieved 6months ago.
  • The third way this belief has shaped my life is in regards to my self-esteem. I have found that by placing everyone on an equal playing field, I have ceased to deify anyone – myself included. I can easily spot hubris in myself and others, and quickly remind myself that we are all equal. As a result, my self-esteem has grown higher and higher and is still growing. In a situation where people will be scared to meet a personality (because they thought this person is way higher than them) I, not minding the person’s status, will go ahead to meet the person and even strike a conversation.

To be candid, I used to patronize low self-esteem until I began to put my beliefs to full work – until I began to live my “gospel”. 

The belief that everyone has the chance to succeed has expanded my horizon and made me always use what life is offering me to the best of my abilities. It has made me humble, and also optimistic about the future.

Thanks for reading. Now, it is your turn, what beliefs do you have and how has it shaped your life?

I am Oluomachi Ekeh

I create contents – design graphics , write and sometimes do animations.

You can find me advocating for Personal development , creating awareness for self-awareness, and doing some DIY projects.

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  1. Dick Daniel – Nigeria – I am committed to building HIGH-FLYERS who have the fear of God ©️ Graphic Designer | Online Preacher


    What we believe largely have enormous impact on us..

    You might not think so, but as the writer clearly states, that mentality of “I can’t achieve this” will keep you from trying, or at least try hard enough to actually succeed..

    Hence we self sabotage our own efforts..

    Great piece of writing..


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