Why Is It Important To Not Give Up On Yourself – [5 Inspiring Reasons]7 min read

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I have seen a man giving up on himself, his passion, his dreams countless times, as he came of age. I am that man. And I can tell you that while there may be several soothing reasons to justify this failure to accomplish your heart desires, they would never truly salve the agony of giving up on yourself…

So, why do you stick to it?…

The reason can be your family’s economical situation, the corrupt government, or maybe it could be your poor educational background/qualification…it could be anything really

We can never run out of excuses because there is always some explanation the mind can spin. But you must realize that this is an unproductive pattern that would only lead to regret later in life.

If we are honest with ourselves, we would agree that no kind of excuses would cut it, because some individuals with worse odds compared to us have succeeded. In short, it has been proven over and over again that no mountain can block the pathway of anyone who runs after their dreams, who remain steadfast to their higher calling, and who continually invents some reasons why they shouldn’t give up on themselves. If we are going to make excuses, why not it be excuses why we must try again – against the odds?

In other to break through and hit the ground running after your life’s purpose, you and I must understand some crucial truths about our existence and purpose.

Important Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

1. For Yourself: 

You cannot expect other people to recognize your dreams, understand them and follow them through. Most people crave audience and validation from others to propel them towards their goals, and some are lucky to find this audience and validation, but for most people, it just doesn’t work that way, and even when it does, it is not sustainable.

Why is that? 

it is because everyone else is seeking validation and an audience too. They are searching for something, fighting to secure a position, angling their actions to meet their ends, and all these leave them in a position to care little about you. Sometimes, even those close to us seem not to care, and you can not entirely fault them. By default, every human is selfish to some extent – it is crucial for our survival.

Caring too much about other people’s perceptions of you is unhealthy. When we let it linger for long, we end up adjusting our dreams to suit people’s expectations, which frequently isn’t in line with who we truly are, and often times too poor.

Why settle for being called “good boy”, when you can be a “great man”? People would seldom see greatness in you…but you must belive in yourself

“Your life is your life. Go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start”

– Charles Bukowski

Take Ownership!

By doing so you tailor your every action to fit into the ultimate picture which you’ve made for yourself – a picture of greatness – your wildest dreams

2. For Immortality

A FULFILLED DREAM has the potential to STAY LONG AFTER YOU ARE GONE. It’s in the heart of every honest person to live as long as possible and remain strong in health to do what they enjoy… to stay with their loved ones. 

Unfortunately, it’s against the Law of Nature – nobody is leaving here alive. Everybody dies, and we don’t know when it could be. 

For compensation to our mortality, what we create could last. Take the story of Steve Jobs and Apple’s, or a mother and her children. Even when they are gone, their legacy lingers.

3. For Humanity

Know this as well, our dreams are not just for our sake. Though they add meaning to our lives, they are also gifts to our families, friends, societies, and the world at large. 

It’s only human and fair that you contribute your quota to the success of our race.

A fulfilled dream is immortalized, it stays long after you are gone and it is a gift for those you left behind. 

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity”

– Horace Mann

4. For Happiness:

Fulfilled dreams are escape routes from regret. I can’t imagine anything worse than dying with regrets.

So much evidence has confirmed that there is beauty in the struggle – that it’s more about the journey than the destination – so why not plunge in and see? Why allow regret to take root. 

Haven’t you noticed, moments when we do the things we enjoy, stuff we feel passionate about, taking up a role we consider as a higher call, even in the simplest things like having a conversation with your favorite human, how time seems not to exist, and several hours, days, and even years go by like a dream? 

Going after your dreams – living the life you want would make you happy every day.

5. For Long Life:

A good life is all about living the life you want. 

And, when we are able to do this, we become one with that which we do, time becomes infinite and our chi (a life force or energy that runs through every living being) glows ever brighter. 

Here is a short story my mother told about a woman that would provide you with more insight into this idea

There was a woman. She was a homely mother. She spent most of her days working in her farmland. Through the harvest from her farm, she would nurture and provide for her children. Even after her children were grown up and doing so well in life, she keeps working in her garden.

Then she was urged to quit visiting the farm by her children, but she refused to give up her hoe and cutlass.

Subsequently, as the pressure from her children mounted, she had to give in to their demands.

Shortly after, she fell ill and died. 

A sad story indeed. But the lesson to take home is helpful.

Her death had little to do with natural causes and a lot to do with the deprivation of her appetite to do what she loves doing – a disconnection from her Ikigai.

So think carefully, would you rather give up your hoe and cutlass or hold on to it as long as possible to enjoy the flow of time, life, and joy?


Every one of us needs a reminder of what is at stake; so we don’t waste away our lives

Maybe you are just scared of success – of the work needed to be done. But, the good news is that the work can actually be a source of happiness if you can find your Ikigai.

So, let go of your fear of failure. Let go of your desire to win-win-win all the time. Why not embrace life. Why not “just do it” as Nike would encourage.

Why is it important to not give up on yourself? because to give up on yourself is to betray yourself and the world at large.  

Perhaps someday I would revisit this article to remind myself why you and I cannot afford to give up on ourselves… why it is important to not give up on ourselves, on our dreams…

it is our lives after all

A mindful self-help writer and photographer

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