What Makes You Special As A Person?

The desire to be considered special isn’t something we learn; it is rather something inherent inside of us – it is deep-rooted in our psyche, just as much as the craving for food. But here is the question, are we special in any practical sense? If this desire and belief that we are special are shared by so many, is there truly any special person? And most importantly, What makes you special as a person?

Life lessons from Mia Khalifa

People are conscious of what they are associated with, many people don’t want to be seen demanding money all the time because they don’t want to appear greedy and selfish, many don’t want to be heard talking about sex all the time because they don’t want to appear immoral, and so is the attitude towards several other matters.

6 Good Things We Can Learn From Satan

Several billion years ago, even before the first men set foot on Earth, celestial realms bore witness to an unforgettable cosmic saga that rocked the very foundations of the Universe. Among the celestial hierarchy, Satan, a radiant angel of unparalleled beauty and intelligence, stood as one of the greatest. Fueled by an insatiable ambition that … Read more