How To Build Social Connections (With 13 Conversation Ideas)

Building genuine friendships can be challenging, even for extroverted young adults. In a world dominated by social media, where surface-level interactions prevail, it’s crucial to understand the value of true connection. That’s why in this piece, we’ll look into how to build social connections (both online, and in real life). 

10 Steps For Resolving Conflicts With Your Friend

Resolving conflicts with your friend can be challenging. You may begin to wonder how you can confront your friend without ruining the friendship. And how you can also improve your way of dealing with your friend (in order to avoid future conflicts).

In any case, there are several steps you can take to resolve conflicts with your friend. Thankfully, they can be useful to prevent future conflicts as well

Love Dilemma: How to Trust Your Gut and Make the Right Decision

Love dilemma is a complex, confusing, and counterintuitive feeling of attraction towards one or more people. If an individual is experiencing a love dilemma, they may feel overwhelmed with confusion and unhappiness if they try to ignore or fight it. On the other hand, if they allow themselves to go with the flow, they may experience a mix of happiness and anxiety.

Feeling Reluctant Again? Here Is How To Be More Spontaneous, Every Day:

A spontaneous person does what they believe is right, without depending on external motivation. They can commit and do what it takes even when the external environment or circumstances are not pleasant…even when they don’t feel like it.

Dear Introvert Friend: (Why And) How To Connect With People You Don’t Know, Easily

Although introverts are people who don’t have issues (and even enjoy) being alone with their thoughts, I encourage my introverted friends to connect with people they don’t know despite the anxiety or difficulty they may experience. This is because I discovered that I (who is also an introvert) became happier, more refined, and driven when I started connecting with and opening up to more people who didn’t know:

Peer Pressure And How To Use It To Your Advantage

We have all heard about peer pressure, however for some unknown reason we seem to ignore it, and at worst deny it. It is indeed quite uncomfortable to imagine or admit that someone else is directly influencing our behavior, but It doesn’t always have to be this way. We could actually find this phenomenon quite helpful

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