do you love me

Why she/he asks “do you love me?” Constantly [what to do]

Many people (especially women) usually pause to ask their partner “do you love me?”, especially when they are about to have sex (and especially when it’s the first time). And, in a seemingly mindless way, this question is usually given a positive answer, “yes I love you” – which in most cases isn’t true; at least, not in the intended sense.

How to Stop Procrastinating 2

How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is an ingrained menace. it causes us do things when we almost have no other choice, and this is the reason we almost always do the task assigned to us when the deadline is close and that feeling of missing a window of opportunity becomes frighteningly evident to us.

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A certificate is good for getting jobs, which might bring in money to take care of a few things and maybe live comfortably, but if the right knowledge and skill in handling the money and getting what would be beneficial to us is neglected in the first place then we might just as well throw our money and happiness into the abyss.

the odds

One Lesson From The Odds

It was at this point that it hit her, she came to realize that maybe her daughter didn’t just need a ton of money, but rather a mother who would show her the breath and depth of love


How To Deal with Pain – in 5 Steps

Sometimes you need to make out the chance to look at your pain, to stare deep into the abyss of your heart to see you pains, to behold and let freighting darkness fill you with awe and dissolution, letting you know what is lagging or lacking in your life and what needs to be added…

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Life lessons from Mia Khalifa

People are conscious of what they are associated with, many people don’t want to be seen demanding money all the time because they don’t want to appear greedy and selfish, many don’t want to be heard talking about sex all the time because they don’t want to appear immoral, and so is the attitude towards several other matters.

40 Things King Solomon Thought about Life 3

40 Things King Solomon Thought about Life

ll of king Solomon’s teachings has a subtle way of reminding the reader that the way a person thinks is more important than what is being thought of. This is seen as he almost completely breaks down emotionally in the Ecclesiastes, saying that everything is the same and everyone experiences the same thing generation after generation with the only difference being what is being chased after.