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Life lessons from Mia Khalifa

People are conscious of what they are associated with, many people don’t want to be seen demanding money all the time because they don’t want to appear greedy and selfish, many don’t want to be heard talking about sex all the time because they don’t want to appear immoral, and so is the attitude towards several other matters.

40 Things King Solomon Thought about Life 1

40 Things King Solomon Thought about Life

ll of king Solomon’s teachings has a subtle way of reminding the reader that the way a person thinks is more important than what is being thought of. This is seen as he almost completely breaks down emotionally in the Ecclesiastes, saying that everything is the same and everyone experiences the same thing generation after generation with the only difference being what is being chased after.

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How To Be A Disciplined Person

iscipline comes when the bar is set high, when the goal to be achieved is demanding, just hard enough for us to convince ourselves that if we put in enough effort we could archive it.


How To Harness Your Demon Powers And More Productive Like Beyoncé

During 2007 there was this outburst of news that the Illuminati and Beyoncé and Jay z and all other awesome rap artists where having a gang bang without condoms, and that instead of bodily fluids they were exchanging souls and stuffs like that. Okay, I made up the gang bang part, but the story was everywhere.

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Words and Emotions (how to understand people on a deeper level)

Because of the need to express very strong emotions we often use big words, and it seems, the better you get to know a language the better you can, you know, express yourself. The whole thing is about self expression. Its also the reason a single master piece painting on the wall Can tell an entire story words just couldn’t, same with anything related to art

An Asshole

How To Be An Asshole in 15 Simple Steps

If you try explaining something and use an instance like “these are the smallest units of this organization, just like the atom of every matter they can’t be split any further” most people would just nod their heads and let you finish making your point, however if someone with the extraordinary ability of being an asshole was there, he would jump right in, cutting you off midway as he tries to point out the fact that an atom isn’t the smallest part of a matter… so nice, right?, just clarifying things, not letting the wrong information spread, saving the day

The Friendzone (If you get frinedzoned, do this) 4

The Friendzone (If you get frinedzoned, do this)

Don’t just go ahead and ruin a perfect relationship because they refused to fondly your sex organ or whatever genuine reason you might have. Relationships are way more than that. If the people you are going after are high class and worthy of being friends with you, then they should have no problem understanding this, and for crying out loud, this is actually a complement to them,

4 Funny Reasons You Got Friendzoned 5

4 Funny Reasons You Got Friendzoned

They always say that the most successful person in the room is the person that has failed the most. On that account don’t feel bad if you’ve just gotten friend-zoned, it means you’re trying. However, here are 4 funny reasons you got friend-zoned.