Religious Trauma: A Dark Side Of Religion [10 Steps To Overcome It]

Religion has a dark side It can traumatize it's members. Religious Trauma A Dark Side Of Religion Steps To Overcome It

There is a lot of good that comes with religion – from the laid down beliefs and morals which give us a sense of purpose and direction in life, down to the community and systems in place that provide support religion can serve critical roles in our lives. However, religion is prone to becoming harmful – to the point of traumatising its members. 

The Value of Personal Faith (And How To Develop It):

Faith is a word that is revered by many people but abhorred by many others. For example, most religious and spiritual people think it is the secret to miraculously bringing their desires to reality, while many non-religious people think faith in that regard is simply self-delusion and has no relevance in the cold-indifferent world we find ourselves in. 

However, faith on its own is a neutral concept, and given the right context, can be something very powerful to understand, cultivate, and deploy in overcoming life’s confusion, and difficulties to achieve success and happiness.