Month: September 2022

How To Be A Good Person According To Jesus Christ:

Even though Jesus made mention of places like Heaven, and Hell and the Bible listed laws and norms that may seem made-up or outdated in modern times, the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus Christ are still useful today (because they teach us how to be good people).

How Do You Deal With Intrapersonal Conflict?:

Norms are indispensable if we must develop as a society and as individuals. However, those societal standards or expectations may sometimes conflict with your interests and desires, and this leads to Intrapersonal or internal societal conflict.

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Person?

A good person is someone willing to do what it takes to better their lives and that of those around them and not merely a person who tries to follow some arbitrary rule of right and wrong. This is because what we consider good or bad may change with time and place.

What If There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Person?

“The Greek word for ‘good’ (agathon) does not have a moral meaning. It just means ‘beneficial’. Conversely, the word for ‘evil’ (kakon) means ‘not beneficial’. Our world is rife with injustices and misdeeds of all kinds, yet there is not one person who desires evil in the purest sense of the word…”

Dear Introvert Friend: (Why And) How To Connect With People You Don’t Know, Easily

Although introverts are people who don’t have issues (and even enjoy) being alone with their thoughts, I encourage my introverted friends to connect with people they don’t know despite the anxiety or difficulty they may experience. This is because I discovered that I (who is also an introvert) became happier, more refined, and driven when I started connecting with and opening up to more people who didn’t know: