3 Dating Lessons I Learned From A Chef3 min read

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My first cooking experience was memorable, thanks to my friend Dave.

I watched Dave hum while working his magic. “How do you garnish your delicacies?” I muttered, mesmerised by his knife skills. 

He smiled and said to me that each recipe has its own process. It could be seasoning, frying, steaming, or drying; I have to be observant.

I couldn’t comprehend the idea at first, but it made sense; seeing Dave cook made me reflect on my dating life.

“You are boring”, my partner usually said. 

Dating ought to be fun and colourful, just like the saying, “Variety is the beauty of life.”

I have been exhibiting odd attitudes in my dating life. Like forgetting to reply to calls and texts from my partner, using work as an excuse to cover up for my negligence.

How can I improve the way I go about dating? Be more lively, perhaps garnished and catchy like Dave’s dish.

Are there ways I could liven things up?

Dave noticed I was staring blankly like someone lost in a trance.

“Are you ok?”, he asked.

I had to admit that I wasn’t okay. So, I told him how I felt while he patiently listened.

After minutes of emotional outpouring, Dave, in his amicable way, told me I could do better.

Well, Dave has been a chef for 5 years, and his environment is obviously his kitchen. 

Anyways, below are some lessons for making any relationship enjoyable based on David’s experience over the years as a chef and how you can apply them to your dating life.

1. Spice Things Up

Surprise her

single rose, a loving text message, a picnic at the lake, it doesn’t have to cost money, it just needs to catch her off guard

Dave told me to try “spicing things up.” Like going on dinner dates, pleasure packages, or picnics with my partner and games.

He assured me this would bring out the rainbows in my relationship.

2. Never Hold A grudge.

Don’t Keep Score Cards:

The minute you start keeping score, you’re destroying the relationship.

Dave, in his friendly manner, told me chefs don’t cook with grudges. Because a good meal comes from the heart.

His overall cooking style inspired me to be meticulous, receptive, and outspoken.

I am paying closer attention to the things I do and say and how I respond to conversations. 

I also found better ways to express my opinions without being rude or insensitive to my partner’s feelings.

3. Be Patience

Good relationships need nurturing:

Good Relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together

A good meal requires patience, Dave will always say. 

He told me to be calm in the storm, never be in a hurry, and seek to understand before concluding.

Just like in cooking, chefs go through the heat to prepare a delicious dish.

I learned from him that patience is key in dealing with people, especially loved ones.

Conclusion: A Sweet Relationship 

Like all good things, a sweet relationship requires skill and patience.

I learned so much more, but these are sufficient to revive my boring romantic life.

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A highly driven and resourceful individual with customer success and retention experience.

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