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do you love me

Why she/he asks “do you love me?” [what to do]

It is common knowledge that many people (especially women) usually pause to ask their partner “do you love me?”, especially when they are about to have sex (and especially when its the first time), and in a seemingly mindless way, this question is usually given a positive answer of “yes I love you” – which in most cases isn’t true; at least, not in the intended sense. Which then begs the question, why did they ask the question?

Words and Emotions (how to understand people on a deeper level)

Because of the need to express very strong emotions we often use big words, and it seems, the better you get to know a language the better you can, you know, express yourself. The whole thing is about self expression. Its also the reason a single master piece painting on the wall Can tell an entire story words just couldn’t, same with anything related to art

The Friendzone (If you get frinedzoned, do this)

Don’t just go ahead and ruin a perfect relationship because they refused to fondly your sex organ or whatever genuine reason you might have. Relationships are way more than that. If the people you are going after are high class and worthy of being friends with you, then they should have no problem understanding this, and for crying out loud, this is actually a complement to them,