Build Deeper Connections With People With These 5 Tips

Connecting with someone transcends merely knowing superficial details about them or having their contacts. It’s about dissolving the line between you and them, so that their emotions and thoughts become an integral part of your consciousness, and their actions become well-understood and even appreciated. When you connect with someone, you feel their joys and sorrows as viscerally as if they emanated from within you.

Scared To Say “I Love You”: 7 Steps To Overcome The Fear

Who is your favourite celebrity? What do you love the most about them? Other than your sheer admiration of their looks and talents, have you ever daydreamed of having a romantic relationship with them?  I have a thing for bodacious, intelligent, and fierce celebrities like Beyonce and Angelina Jolie. But, in real life (IRL), it … Read more

10 Things To Do With Your Life [Before You Die] 

One idea that caused a Jupiter-sized change in me was the concept of “Memento Mori” (Latin for “Remember you must die”). I first encountered the ideas in Ryan Holiday’s book “Ego is the Enemy”. The subject might sound pessimistic and unpleasant for most people, but it helped me develop a personal philosophy of how to … Read more