4.939 BILLION OF YOU ARE RICH [what is more important than money in life?]6 min read

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What is more important than money? It is often said that young people are “young, dumb, and broke”. In fact, a song was made for it.

Whilst I would not totally disagree with the part of being young and dumb, I object to the notion of being broke.

Pardon me, but no youth is poor.

Before you click away, catch my drift

Riches are oftentimes misunderstood as money, and that is why I want to set things straight.

I have taken it upon myself to do this because I’m now horrified watching so many young people getting into slow-moving car crashes – by going after the wrong thing, just as a kid attempts to catch shadows, whilst the body casting it is within arm’s reach, and can morph the shadow in any way it pleases.

Riches is cruelly misinterpreted to the detriment of the youth. Is it because of the proliferation of the internet and information that has glued us to our screens, so that we are chained to staring at the insanely rich strewing money like it was leaves in autumn?

I do not know.

But I know that to be rich, one must have in possession an abundance of things youth can never have, for the simple reason that they don’t have enough of the requirements to purchase them.

But his purchasing power is not money.

This is because, what makes a man wealthy is not just the ability to get the physical things they crave – like a house, or cars – but also their ability to gain intangible possessions – friends, lovers, children, experiences, trust, health, reputation, etcetera.

And money cannot get those. In fact, rich people purchase money as well.

And that is why no youth is poor.

We have what it takes to buy all of the good things in life.

But not all young people are buying these good things – not all you are purchasing wealth.

Just like money, until you buy food with it, you would remain hungry.

You can be rich and still have nothing on you.

You can have gold and still die of hunger.

So, what are these riches that all youth possesses? What is it that can buy everything, including money? What is this thing that they already have without realizing it?

I will tell you.

It is “time” and “energy” – It is what is more important than money

Every young person is blessed with an insane amount of time and energy.

And it is the only requirement for getting anything. You only need time and energy to get

All we ever need is within us.

We (the youth) are richer than everyone on the planet.

We make up 65 percent of 7.87 billion people on the planet

Globally, about 26 percent of the world is under 15 years of age and some nine percent is over 65 years of age – Statista

The children have time but no energy ( 1.974 billion people). The aged lack time and energy (683 million people). We are the only ones with both time and energy. We are the richest of them all (all 4.939 billion of us).

No aged billionaire would see us and not envy our youth.

No child would see us and not envy our strength.

We are the richest of them all.

We are the richest in the world.

We hold in monopoly, the time and energy

Yet, sadly, most of us throw away these riches.

There are many youths who throw it all away

They waste it on laziness and drinking, and fighting, and lying, and cheating, and committing all sorts of crimes – they waste time and energy, they misuse and misappropriate it.

  • They get thrown in jail
  • They get trapped in jobs that pay them next to nothing for their precious time, energy, and creativity
  • They become trapped in relationships that impede their growth and developments
  • They shortcircuit their potentials by believing in demented and skewed religions, politics, courses, and faiths
  • They throw away their riches by doubting themselves

They lose their riches, and all for what?

A pay-check? a kiss? a sense of belonging? for revenge? for another high?

We are the richest.

We are the ones with the ability to explore the far corners of the earth – the depths, heights, and breath.

We are the ones to do the backflips and butterfly strokes. The ones to skydive and canoe. The ones who inspire and lead the younger generations…we are the ones who own the earth. Who would shape and reshape it…

We are the artists…

The musicians

The tailors


…when you wake up in the morning …rise like a king/queen that you are

Do not ever feel trapped. Because there is no trap…and you are the one who breaks barriers and records. You are the youth gifted with the power of the gods – gifted with imaginations and the ability to create.

Rise today with the awareness that you are rich beyond measure.

Use your time and energy.

Use it to purchase the wealth you desire

  • To work out
  • To draw, sing, and make art
  • To engineer
  • To programmed
  • To teach
  • To communicate your ideas
  • To build a brand and business that would help countless millions
  • To support a movement that would better your country
  • To be the change you want
  • To find love
  • To live the life you dream of
  • Etcetera …

The wealthy are those who have lived the life they dream of. The ones who have fought for and stood by something. The ones who have done or at least attempted all that they dreamt of. Those who have chased their dreams. Those who have sought love and happiness. Those who have tried.

So, be cheerful.

Be cheerful if you still have dreams…if you have someone you trust…if you have a business or idea you’re working on…if you painted today…if you danced today…if you sang today…if you _________

It is a beautiful world, and you can never truly fail.

So, smile.

PS: Be gentle with yourself

“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” ― Warren Buffett

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