FOR GOD’S SAKE – How You Can Help And Improve Humanity Today3 min read

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I do not trust my kind enough to believe our gods

We are brutish. We kill, rape, and destroy just for pleasure.

We justify everything that soothes us

We let our survival and pleasure fool us into thinking our actions are right.

We rationalize that we are the chosen, and special, and deserving

We are entitled self-centered creatures with an incessant desire to mate and fight

We are quick to think the gods are ours

We are quick to justify our abominable acts as the wills of the gods

We pray for our fellows to die

We go into battle and slay them, and their children, and their livestock’s, and their pets, and we burn their lands and we spit on their graves

Then We thank the gods for victory

We rape their wives and take their daughters as wives. We chain their able men and make them our slaves

again, we thank the gods

The earth rumbles and tumbles upside down and we are thankful to the gods that only our enemies are buried under the dirt

we thank the gods for the flood and the locust, the hail, the famine, the diseases, and the plagues that ravage our fellows

we pray for our kind to burn in eternal flames and be eaten by undying warms.

We hate. We fight. We abandon, we reject, we castrate, insult, disrespect, dehumanize, torture, and imprison our fellows

And we thank the gods

We dance and make sacrifices to the gods that send death to ravage families and nations

We create knives, guns, and bombs, we cover the earth and make it black with Sulphur and blood

Our hearts are dark – they are not good

We are not good, our hearts are not good, our gods are not good

Behold the dying child, behold the terrified girl being raped, behold the weeping mother, behold their stretched-out arms.

They reach out to us, to the trees, to the skies, to the gods. They reach out to distant and unresponsive beings.

They cry they weep, they suffer. Yet we thank the gods

We say “the gods are good and powerful, and all-knowing, and all-seeing”

We deny our actions and responsibilities and ascribe them to gods we do not know nor understand

We permit suffering – we let pain, we let greed, selfishness, and wickedness rule the earth, and then we thank the gods the sufferings are not upon us

Look, the gods are distant like the heavens above – we do not understand them. They are indifferent like the moon – we cannot touch them. They permit the rain, the sunshine, the good, and the bad, they permit all to befall all flesh without discrimination

They pick no sides. They stay and watch in silence. They watch us destroy everything, they watch us destroy ourselves

Come to my brothers, come to my sisters.

Wake up from your god delusions.

Come, my brothers and sisters, let us stand as a species, let us stand as one

Let us help one another, let us fight the disease, the hunger, the plagues, and the rapes

Let us fight the injustice and the suffering

Let us love each other

Let us protect one another – care for one another

For behold, I tell you this day, if we would love each other, even Mrs. Death would crawl out from the pits of hades in jealousy.

And She would smite us with old age, senility, and death

But we shall smile. We shall grin as the dirt covers us in tombs […]

[…] not because we do not fear death, but because we have conquered death in life – and our names would be remembered for the good we have done for humanity even as our barebones bare witness

And then, maybe, the gods would notice our deeds, and dig up our bones, and give us life again, and tell us it was all an elaborate test – and then the gods would thank us

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