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The desire for someone to completely trust us is like a fire that can completely burn us and the person we seek the trust from (but don’t worry no one is getting burnt today)

Sometimes things go completely out of one’s control, just think for a minuet that you’ve borrowed a friend’s laptop to do your assignment and the laptop got damaged while you were in possession of it or worse, it got stolen. An event like this has absolutely nothing to do with your intentions, no matter how good/pure your intentions were it won’t mean or change anything, (you’ll probably consider yourself lucky if you aren’t asked to payback, and you really don’t want to remind this person of trust anytime soon either)

Trust like any other emotion is a very complex thing, it goes beyond your gender, your age, your ethnicity or religion…

If you’ve ever been turned down by a crush then you must have come to terms with the fact that begging or pleading for someone to feel a certain way about you doesn’t really work out well, in most cases it has the opposite effect. Same goes for trust, what would you think if someone started begging you to hand over your house rent to them or starts begging you to tell them the name of the person you cheated on your partner with (you prolly wont, right?)

The more trust is begged for the less it is gotten, as a matter of fact, with time and consistency such a request might be flagged as a sign of danger (why would he want to know that or have that?)


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Like falling in love, trust just happens

If I was to travel back in time and was to meet my 18-year-old self, I would probably whack his head and tell him not to go after any girl in search of love (but I trust he wouldn’t listen)

When it comes to getting others to see us the way we want (as trustworthy), the best thing to do is to work on ourselves so that when they look at us they see a trustworthy individual

If you want someone to fall in love with you, then they must see something worth falling in love with, same here, if you want someone to trust you, then they must see you as worth trusting

The Richest man of African descent (ALIKO DANGOTE) was handed 500,000 naira in 1978, back then that amount of money was enough to get him 10 Mercedes Benz ,and guess what – he was just 21 years old

The trust his Uncle had to hand over this amount of money to him was not just because he was family, but because Dangote had had a track record of multiplying money (doing profitable business). His uncle was certain that his money wasn’t going into a bottomless pit (that’s what most people are with their insatiable desire to drive, wear and taste the latest/best).


Back to my love citations, you know, there is a reason girl always flock around the celebrities, it really isn’t because they are too handsome or smart, it’s because they are passionate about what they are doing, and they live their lives like an adventure

Getting the trust wheel rolling in your direction would require the same principle.

A constant unwavering reputation of being what you want them to see you as (the trust celebrity) …

Having a reputation of being highly accountable for money would get people to trust you with even larger amount of money, a reputation of telling the truth would get people trusting your every word, and so on

But you must be consistent and value your reputation

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Like a love affair that went south, broken trust is not easy to fix, and mere words won’t do the trick

Like earlier stated, begging for trust would have the opposite effect, what you must do is make it clear that you’ve changed your wrong ways by asking for forgiveness and promising a change of attitude. However, the magic lies in changing the attitude


With time all would be well, always take things slow, and always have in mind, someone who would love you would love you, someone who would trust you would trust you and those who won’t just won’t…

Most times it actually has nothing to do with you. just be the best version of yourself (that’s the most important thing)

Hope you now know how to get trusted

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  1. Wow… Very nice piece.. Really loved this statement

    “The more trust is begged for the less it is gotten”… And it’s very true.

    Trust, just like Love, are not to be begged for, they are EARNED… Earned by Consistency and Excellence..
    Great piece of Writing


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