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Have you ever woken up in the morning with the feeling that you can do whatever you wanted to do, I mean without any atom of fear or doubt, and then you stepped out through your door into the morning and actually kicked ass that day, well that is exactly how I fell towards this YEAR after my encounter with Rich Dad…

My day began as usual, though I drove out early with my brother to get drinks for the celebration, we got back almost as soon as we left with the drinks, the food was almost ready and in no time we were digging into our plates of rice, Salad and of course chicken…

Soon the fete died down, or should I say moved to a different location. However, I didn’t move with it, I went to the Library where there were some peace and quiet and then I met Rich Dad. Rich Dad is a Businessman who never finished eighth grade, was particularly practical, which made people not to like him much, but I guess it’s because they didn’t understand him.

During the time I spent with him I came to understand that he had indeed contrary views about the way people lived their lives, some of which I had to take my time to reason and seek clarification where necessary

FEW THINGS RICH DAD TOLD ME [these are not the secrets yet]

For some reason he wasn’t thrilled by the educational system existing in schools and Universities, in fact, he insinuated that it was useless if I didn’t apply the secrets he thought me

  • He told me to learn to avoid bringing liabilities to my life
  • That money was an illusion, and only bends to the real thing – value
  • He told me to stop using the word “can’t” and start using the word “How”
  • He told me to change myself before trying to change others
  • He told me to always be truthful to myself and others
  • He also told me to learn to plan and then take risks
  • He said lack of money is the root of all evil

he said so many other things I can’t easily list out – most of which require explanations… However, the secrets where gold

THE SECRETS [of rich dad]

Rich Dad listed out just Six secrets to having an awesome life, I felt pumped after I knew about them, they are

  1. Don’t work for Money
  2. Mind your own business
  3. Invent your own money
  4. Work to learn, don’t work for money
  5. learn to use tax systems to your advantage
  6. keep learning about money

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When I got into the library, I was already filled, satisfied by the pleasant meal, my lips still had the taste of the food on it, I could tell because every time I licked my lips I tasted the stew. Rich Dad was already in the Library before I got in, He was with Poor Dad, I hope you knew that they were both inside a Book titled “RICH DAD POOR DAD”

Wait a minute, you didn’t know that was a Book?

Well if you’re a student or a graduate I strongly recommend you check out that book, it’s written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. It has remarkably changed my perspective about my future, and as I said earlier I feel like I can kick ass all through the Year and beyond. It would give you all the advice you’ll ever need, like seriously, I can’t wait to start experimenting

HAPPY NEW YEAR [Rich Dad, Poor Dad summary]

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