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whenever people are faced with a challenge they most times end up not doing it because of the crippling fear of failure, not because they are incompetent

Sometimes people do things they don’t really want to do because they saw no way of avoiding it, and most of the time they don’t really fail in what they do

The not so awesome truth about life is that no one truly fails. Take for example the Classic Game Snake Xenias


If you’ve ever played the good Old Snake game available on the Nokia 3310, the game where your avatar is a snake that you lead to various blinking dots to gain points. There really isn’t any option of winning or losing, the only thing that you’ll notice after the end of each game is a display of your score.


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Yes, your score, In its classic mode, try as much as you can, you can never leave the game with zero points, before it is ever possible to leave the game you must have gotten to at least two to three dots successfully

This can be likened to our lives.

If you think am joking Check this out: Every single one of us is a combination of two different sex cells, and we were in competition with thousands of others and yet emerged winners

Life starts us out on a path of winning, there was is no option of failing, just succeeding, if we didn’t get something we wanted it is simply because of a mistake not a failure, its something we can still get if we try again

The question of success and failure is based on our own perception of things…

It is true that one can finish the game (snake xenias) as a “snake master” but that doesn’t really mean that the person who just had “high score” or “your score” displayed at the end of the game has failed

I don’t know about you, but I know some people who where literally obsessed with the game (snake xenias) if you where to pick up there phones and played your ass off you would not have anything more than “your score” displayed on the screen, however if you where to pick up the phone of someone who wasn’t really into the game, on their device you could emerge the Snake master

At the end its all about who you’re matching up to

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Most times whenever we have something to do we stop ourselves from doing it in fear of failure, but failure in itself is an illusion, and the fact that we didn’t get the dot this round doesn’t mean we won’t get the dot the next round or the one after that, most of the times we go about complaining of what we do not have and what we are not experiencing while we are actually experiencing and have something someone else somewhere is craving

With the crippling fear of failing we never really make the move that would enable us to get to that high score and one day get us the title of the snake master


This is a loose argument but disagree with the idea of marking a child bad (×) on his script…I mean she just made a little mistake in calculation or forgot the definition of something, she isn’t a failure, besides if she was given enough time and if that subject was what she was particularly interested in she wouldn’t have made that mistake, she didn’t fail, she just didn’t succeed in getting that right and that it


I once read a book about Public speaking, in this wonderful book the author clearly stated that when people give you their attention they are expecting you to tell them something valuable (in order words they are not there to see you embarrass yourself, they want to see you succeed in addressing them)

This can be related to many endeavours in life, think of it , what is a business, a business is simply a system that has been set up to help meet a need and in return gain money , don’t you think that people would love for you to help them meet a need , sure they do

Even if you are learning a skill, say sewing, don’t you think someone like me who doesn’t know how to sew a single button onto my shirt would appreciate it

You just have to do whatever you want to do, you can’t really fail, quitting simply means you don’t want to succeed in that aspect. Marriages end because people are fed up with whatever it is that is causing the break up, they actually succeeded in getting off a relationship that wasn’t working (I’m not supporting divorce though)


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Failure should be considered part of success. People fail towards success, and men are built to succeed ..

However sometimes people actually fail, they fail because they didn’t meet up the required standard, but that is okay, it is just a failure which one can always learn from, it is never a good idea to focus and capitalize our lives on a particular failure , it is always wise to keep moving


In conclusion I would advice you not to go comparing yourself with Messi or Ronaldo, as much as you love them, they may actually make you feel like a looser when it comes to football. However having someone you can look up to is a great way to motivate yourself to develop and be more (Level up)

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