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the truth is the lie

Would you believe in what you believe if you were the only one that believed in it- Kanye west

Cofirmation biase is the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.

Finding a “truth” and believing its the general “truth” is dangerous for one simple reason, it blocks your ability to see other peoples perspective or empathies with them, if my truth is already ultimate why bother search for what is true? why explore? why think? why do anything? even though my truth is killing me and squeezing the life out of me – ultimately destroying me


What is most important is what is helpful and needful and not just the “truth”


a huge pile of rubish, where people have finished dumbing their truths a huge pile of rubish, where people have finished dumbing their truths


No matter how shitty my idea or thoughts may be, there would always be people to support me. These days it isn’t hard to see this play out right in front of our eyes or should I say screens, this is why social media is misleading – they just keep hitting the like buttons like zombies

Just dear google something totally contradictory to what you believe and get ready to shock yourself as Google returns more than a million-result supporting the idea you considered to be trash.

The thing about confirmation bias is that you who believe it would find it almost impossible to conceive the fact that there could be anything alternate or contrary to what you believe, so, when you go looking for answers to your questions, you make a critical error of asking the wrong questions.

Your questions begin to morph in such a way as to provide answers that you want to hear

For instance, the Query history of a religious fellow would most likely be “top 10 undeniable reasons God is good all the time”, and as expected she would receive a plethora of such “undeniable reasons”, but what happens when a non-religious fellow search for “top 10 unshakable reasons that God is evil”, you do the math’s

At a point, we all must realize that the questions we ask are more important than the answers we get.

And what should be focused on is what is helpful, because there are billions of people on the planet who in more than one sick and twisted ways have arrived at a “truth”, which is in fact true but totally unhelpful, at least not in most situations.

The way you are to act when in proximity with the cops in New York is totally different from the way you respond to the Cops in Nigeria, you got to be wise not to generalize, because you could end up in a big smelly shit hole.



pexels-photo-998850 Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni on


Many truths we hear are garbage, for instance

There is this theory about time, which goes this way

Time doesn’t exist, clocks exist, time is just an agreed upon construct. We have taken distance (one rotation of the earth and one orbit of the sun). divided it up into segments. Then given those segments labels.

its true that time is a construct, but that truth is useless. what’s most important is that that construct enables us humans to be productive, so even though it may not be hundred percent accurate it is helpful thus needful, thus desirable and useful.

the idea is to run away from confirmation bias and truths that bind us to a way of thinking which makes us lazy and insipid.

hoping that what we believe in be not false and that who we believe is perfect just like our perfect belief, this is the danger in “truth”. This is the reason people would rather die than watch you desecrate their holy place, whatever that means to them.


only seek what is helpful and needful.

everyone has their own opinions, don’t listen to that, rather seek statistics and facts, statistics and facts and that varies from place to place.

I know, I know, Jay Z once said if everyone is crazy, you’re the one who is insane

but again, if you were the only one who believed in what you believe in, would you still believe in it.?

That’s a question that should be running through your mind every time, am I believing this and acting this way because every other person is activin this way? is it wise to keep smoking and drinking every night and blowing all my money each Friday night by turning up and banging sorority girls?

Isn’t that the life?



the budahh Photo of the Budahh by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on


I know this piece might have offended a few, but consider this, what if the “truth” that was assured was quite different from what you have been believing?

What if the leaders have lied to you and fucked up your way of looking at things?

What if the truth was an algorithm for getting the “truths” rather than the, you know, “ultimate-truth”

Hope you realize that no singular religious book covers all the questions of modern day life, rather they gave insights on how to go about it.

For instance, the Christian Bible, in the book of Proverbs, King Solomon who is considered the wisest man that ever lived insisted that the beginning of wisdom is Fearing Jehovah (God), which implies, doing things with a clear conscience and trying as much as possible not to offend man and of course God.

Your truth may be right, but maybe you should reexamine it, especially when statistically and obviously it is ruining your life and that of everyone around you.

coughs suicide bombers take note


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