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How can you tell the difference between good and bad, is there really even good and bad


Life is beyond good and evil. Nature is brutal yet gentle, for instance, Only about 30% of birds ever make it to maturity. This happens in all of nature, the trees shed numerous leaves and fruits. It is the habit of nature to create a plethora of things and then let only the fittest to survive.

There is a plethora of energy reaching the earth from the sun; there’s a plethora of thermal energy from the earth’s crust, there’s a plethora of energy on the ocean waves, all around us lies plethora’s which remain untapped and thus become waste or do they?

With the never-ending onslaught of mosquitoes, rats, flies, snakes etcetera, it almost seems to be our responsibility to exterminate them. We literally derive satisfaction knowing we’ve destroyed them; a sense of safety and accomplishment, as though we have just made the world a better place by destroying a part of it

Maybe we actually did make the world a better place by destroying a part of it, like a gardener trims the plants in the garden with the intention that the nutrients get to only the most productive parts of the plant for its own betterment. thus in a way death is good and life is bad – for a plethora of rodents would ruin the farms

Yet we are seduced to think that this “death” is only “good” when it is dealt to the animals or plants (not admitting that we are one ourselves – animals)

Take, for example, the social-economic environment where all men must plunge themselves into if they wish to “survive”. Plunged into a system that ruthlessly outcasts anyone without the required qualification or skills- survival of the fittes: like the plants and birds, the entire system is dependent on “deaths”- for death creates decay, and decay nutrients and nutrients support life.

If every single individual was to become educated and was to “successfully” get to the top of the system, then who would do the dirty jobs? who would cut down the trees and hurl them? who would till the soil and plant the seeds? who would clean the gutters and dispose of the refuse? who would teach the pupils and encourage them? who would play with the mortar and build houses?

Engineers depend on craftsmen just as the judges depend on the Police, yet one is considered “successful” and the other not so… this, like “life” and “death”, re illusions, they are one and the same.It is dependent on what you consider “good” or “bad”, for the “death” of a buffalo is good to us whom it gives “life”

What if it was not just about the social-economic environments “deaths(failures)” and “life” (success), what if actual death of our fellow humans was actually beneficial to our survival, what if too much people being alive the same time was harmful, what if overpopulation could ruin the planet (as it already is)

Of course genocide is no solution for intelligent creatures like we, so we invented birth controls- whether by law or as crime, thus we have limited the amount of “life” we brought into the planet, this reduction in the amount of “life” brought has also reduced the necessity to maintain the balance by “death”

Like they say, “there is no peace without war”, we do once in a while indulge is a self-purge of humanity, sometimes the “death” is brought to old religions, and the new religions “live”, or it may be a political system or leadership. In all we usually do take out time to do a little cleansing of the excess humans alive – “death” begets “life”

It is wonderful how nature shows no mercy, yet is so supporting, how one is killed by the bitter unrelenting cold that bites to the bone marrows and another is made restful by the thought of a preserved meal (for the freezing cold preserves food)

Nature is majestic, it shows its strength in earthquakes and thunders, yet it smiles with bright sunshine’s and gentle breeze

Is it good or is it bad? I doubt such standards exist by nature> it just is – constantly revolving BEYOND GOOD and BAD

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