How To Kiss Someone You Love In 7 Steps [+ 7 Parallel Life Lessons From Kissing Romantically]10 min read

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To kiss someone you love, start by creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere. Make eye contact and move in slowly, giving your partner time to reciprocate the gesture. Gently place your hands on their face or wrap them around their waist as you lean in and close your eyes. Tilt your head slightly to one side and let your lips meet theirs softly, using gentle pressure and varying the intensity as you go. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the moment. Remember, it takes two to tangle, so pay attention to your partner’s responses and adjust accordingly. Communication, respect, and passion are key ingredients for a great kiss with someone you love.

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I once kissed a girl so good she asked me where I had learned how to kiss so well. You’re probably thinking this is ridiculous. You are prolly thinking you can’t do it. But you can.

Sit back and allow me to show you how.

How To Prepare And Kiss Someone You Love [Romantically]

If you have someone you love, have them in a comfortable and private place, and are thinking of kissing, below are some things you should consider.

Brush Your Teeth

This a no-brainer. One of the absolutely most disgusting things you can ever experience is “disgust” from someone else’s unwashed mouth.

Look, it doesn’t even have to be smelly, bitter, or have a particular “horrible” taste to disgust. Even tasting milk from someone’s lips can be repugnant. No one wants to taste that.

In life, this applies as well. If you’re going to get close to someone in a relationship, business, or discussion, it would serve both parties well if you first polish your acts and facts, and also get your emotions together.

It is not a nice experience being or working with someone who is a wreck – not punctual, doesn’t have facts and science on their side, and is easily consumed by their emotions. I’m talking about those who waste your time, come up with ridiculous excuses, and breakdown, or flare up at the worst possible moments.

You want your intimate and close moments with people to be free of whatever unattractive side of you that exists. In other words, try fixing your personality flaws.

If you do all these, people may not necessarily commend nor applaud you, but they would definitely feel okay being and working with you. It is expected of you to be this way.

In order words, prepare – be ready for the kiss.

Wet Your Lips

This advice would serve you well, in and out of the bedroom.

You see, most people just go for the kiss. They bring on dry lips to another dry lip. And while this may not be particularly bad, it diminishes the experience by a lot.

If you wet your lips just before going for the kiss, then your lips would slide and glide much more smoothly. The sensation would be heightened, and the other party would be interested in kissing you longer.

As you draw closer to them and can sense that the moment is just right, you want to gently and slowly lick your lower and upper lips whilst maintaining eye contact.

Similarly, seconds before stepping in for the presentation, flood your mind with positive thoughts and expectations. Smile in front of a mirror. Practice breath control. Dress appropriately. Wear perfume. Wear some jewels.

Meeting someone new? it would serve you well to come with a gift and to offer refreshments. It is to your advantage, and benefit of all that you make the experience as “smooth” as possible.

But, just like preparing for a kiss by wetting your lips, you don’t have to make it known to the other party what you’re doing.

Grease the things that cause friction between you and others. This can be your views on politics, religion, or some other touchy subject. Think as you wish, but act like everyone else – at least during the kiss.

The act of reducing friction when in contact with others would serve you well, I repeat.

Bite Gently On Those Lips

The whole point of kissing is to connect with the other person. To prove to them that you trust them and that they can trust you too. And nothing sends this message directly to the “medulla oblongata” as biting on their lips gently.

Your teeth biting on that soft skin would send waves upon waves of sensation from the person’s lips, to their brain, and down to their spine. It sings sweetly to their genitals and makes them go crazy for you.

In your conversations, this can be the moment you show massive interest in the other person’s views and opinions. The moment you “bite down” on their ideas, and ask them to explain or narrate everything to you. This is the moment you convince them you are willing and enthusiastic about their interests and dreams (by simply paying attention and asking questions).

There is nothing as entrancing as someone being entirely interested in you – caring deeply about what you care about.

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Grab Their Butt

Just in case you were wondering what your arms should be doing. Now you know.

This is the moment you start taking bold steps, becoming assertive, and taking what is yours (or more correctly, accepting what has been handed to you).

This is the moment you go out and ask for a raise from the boss you’ve been working under for years. The moment you ask them out. The moment you do the things you are most afraid of doing.

Because come on, you are kissing and biting on their lips already. These people are totally sold to you. Why are you still afraid of taking what is already yours?

You have the skill, so why not ask for your rightful increase in pay? You have been dating them for years now, why are you scared to ask for their hands in marriage? You have been a good kid, why haven’t you asked dad for a new video game console?

Go out and grab that butt.

It is your right.


Yeah. You’ve got to moan. This is the currency for romance. When you moan you show the other person that you are enjoying what they are doing to you. You are telling them that they should keep going. The louder the moan, the greater their commitment to pleasuring you.

“Give it to me baby!” …Oh, wait, we haven’t gotten to that part yet? Forgive me, I got carried away.

Anyway, moaning in real life would mean being grateful. When you are grateful you get more. When you appreciate people for what they’ve done, they would be more than happy to do more.

So, never ever hold back on being grateful. No matter how little was done.

And just like moaning during kissing, the louder you moan – I mean the more you appreciate – the larger your chances of getting more.

Be entirely grateful. Be totally carried away with the kiss.

Close Your Eyes and Pull Them Closer

I don’t know why you would be kissing with your eyes wide open, and with the person 3 feet away – bodies barely touching. When kissing you want to let go of every care in the world. You want to close your eyes and pull them closer and hold them tighter.

The close proximity and increased body contact (whilst still grabbing and fondling that butt) are all you need to make the moment memorable. Tighter, and tighter wins the race. Hold them like the world was about to end and this is the last few seconds that would ever be.

In other aspects of your life, it could mean committing wholeheartedly to whatever you’re doing. It could mean becoming one with your brand – i.e. being known for something. To reap maximum benefit, you should be indistinguishable from the things and people you care about.

Do everything with your whole heart and might. Do not do or be around anything or a person you wouldn’t be proud to be associated with.

Closing your eyes here signifies trust. You need people and things you can put faith in. This could be your friends, skill, business, or deity. Without trust, the quality and experience of life are greatly reduced.

If you want to enjoy the kiss, close your eyes and pull them closer.

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Go For More, But Cherish Each Moment

Kisses are hardly the endpoint of romance. In movies rated 16, this is usually the moment the screen goes blank and the next scene is of two happy people laying on the bed the next morning.

Raise your hands if you agree with me that this is annoying. Yes, I see you my friend. It is annoying indeed.

Why didn’t they show what transpired after the kisses? How the clothes and underwear were flung to all corners of the room, and the humping, sweating, and intense moaning ensued?

Why didn’t they show us every single detail?

The thing is, there is usually more.

The endpoint of romance is (oftentimes) sex. But sex is not the most important part. In fact, you could walk away without sex and still feel quite fulfilled and happy.

Sex is like winning a trophy, or coming first in class, or getting a lover. All those are cool and greatly desired, but the greater part of the gain was when you were training, studying, and getting to know them better.

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Not getting sex, losing a competition, or getting friend-zoned, etcetera, is not bad. In fact, it is something to be celebrated. It means you tried. Besides, you learned and even gained a lot from those trials.

Not winning the competition still boosted your speed and skill. Not getting a girlfriend still gets you a friend, and experience for next time. No matter what you do, the process is always more important.

The struggles you go through to get success are more important than success. Do not despise the process. And do not overly exalt nor indulge the wins. Be humble, and happy that you were given an opportunity to try.

Be happy that you are alive.

Be happy that you kissed.

But don’t hesitate to go for more.

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