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Life is something that happens only “now” – in the present. The rest are just memories or predictions (none of which is real, tangible, immediate nor can be experienced).

The thing is, this “now” that we have can contain only a certain amount of people, and we can only interact with a few of those people at every given moment. And this is why you need to talk to your parents more often.

When you really think about it, you would realize that not only are mom and dad closer to their death day, but your chances of interacting with them also shrink exponentially as you grow older.

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It first begins when you went to boarding school. You spent prolonged periods of time away from them, and they were always thrilled to see you again.

It happened again when you left for college (i.e. university). You didn’t see them for months, if not years, at a go. Whenever they got to see you, they were thrilled and would hug you tightly.

Of course, you enjoyed feeling missed. You know staying away from them for a long time made them treat you extra special whenever they got to see you.

You believe that this made them kind of respect you. You even thought it would be a good idea to leave again as soon as you could.

But this is where I come in. this is why this article is written. Because I’m afraid most of us are missing the opportunity of a lifetime – literally.

I want us to do a little math.


Let’s assume your parents are going to live up to 80 years (which means they would grow old). And let’s also assume that you are just 18 years old (and just gained admission into a University).

If you spent just 9 months each year away from your parents (in school), you will only have 3 months per year to spend with them. Now, Let’s say you spend the next 4 years in school (making you 22 years, and your parents 45).

After school, you spend another whole year in service (you are now 23, and your parents are 46).

Now, you would have spent just 12 months with your parents in a course of 5 years. Let’s proceed.

Let’s assume you get a job (or started a business) immediately after school and packed out to live alone in a new city. This new job/business of yours is (most likely) going to consume all your time, giving you just the weekends to visit mom and dad (an average of 2-8 days per month). That is to say, you get about 1 month of quality time with your parents each year (once you start working).

And, even if you managed to squeeze out a month of vacation yearly, you would still have to split it between your partner’s family (Your family this year, then his/her family next year).

At 35, your parents would be 58. That means they would have just 22 years remaining to live. Which also translates to just 2.9 years of interactions left.

And remember, all these were calculated assuming you thought it necessary to visit on the weekends and also spend your vacations with mom and dad (rather than some island resort in Colombia). That is not even mentioning that you won’t be talking with them for the whole day.

Actually, when you drilled down on the math’s, you would discover that you’d only be speaking to them for few hours within each day (assuming there is no quarrel or any unforeseen circumstances that makes it impossible to visit and talk).

Even if you spoke to them 6 hours daily, you’ve only spoken to them 25% of each day (remember we have 24 hours). This would translate to 25% of the 2.9 years (leaving you with just 8.7 months).

I know your head is starting to hurt, so let me just summarize it all.

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What I am just trying to say is that you have very little time to spend with the people that raised you.

If I were you, I would say “Hi” more often on phone, and actually, cherish each moment.

Remember, you have less than a year to spend with them (about 8.7 months to be precise).

This also applies to all your friends and loved ones. Are you really that busy?

“The problem is, you think you have time”

–  Buddha –
This Is How Terribly Short Life Is
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