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As a writer, the first-ever piece I did that gained recognition was my final year thesis, in 2019. I remember how I had to write it manually (a method that I still prefer to date) and research on a phone that had seen better days.

Writing the thesis was tough, and although my supervisor had occasionally made corrections to parts of it, nothing prepared me for the remark he would make when he got to the Abstract. 

He sent someone to find and drag me (I mean for this to be exaggerated) to his office. Hardly steadied from being shuffled into the office, the first thing I saw were two parallel red slashes drawn across the thesis 

“What do you think this is?” he had asked me promptly. “Child’s play?!”, he retorted 

Now, I knew better than to reply when he asked such rhetorical questions, so I didn’t. Eventually, he calmed down and proceeded to tutor me for 30 good minutes, about what an excellent Abstract should look like. 

In 2021, when I paid an impromptu visit to his office, I was much more composed, and even had the boldness to let him know I was now a professional, creative writer. 

“I knew you were worth something,” he responded, and those words reverberated in my mind, even as I write this.

There are two important things to draw from this story. 

  1. My supervisor had read the thesis and saw that it had “potentials”. However, “potential” wasn’t good enough, so he badgered me and didn’t show the least restraint when he corrected me.
  2. Even though my work was crappy (a hard thing to admit), it was still worth something. And it was my duty to turn that potential into something acceptable

In other words, you must not let people’s comments about you (and your work) make you doubt your worth or the potential of your work.

No matter the number of skeptics, pessimists, or naysayers you may encounter, you need to keep developing, sharpening, and honing your craft because there is potential hidden.

Below are 3 things that will make you better at your craft in no time

3 Things That Will Make You Better At Your Craft In No Time

  1. Learning Continuously: “The day you stop learning, you stop growing.”. Continuous learning creates a well of knowledge that you can always draw from. This will keep you well above average, and helps you develop yourself further. Continuous learning is also the only way to stay updated (so you don’t get left behind) and helps people to see you for the professional you are. 
  2. Practicing Always: “practice makes perfect”. Implement as much as you learn. Don’t get lazy. Don’t slack. Don’t get tired. What differentiates the “mediocres” and “failures” from the “greats” is usually their tenacity – their relentlessness. Practice till you get it right. Practice till you perfect your craft. Then keep practicing. 
  3. Setting Goals: Setting goals will help you grow faster than you ever could without them. It will keep your eyes on what is important, so you don’t get distracted. You could set goals to learn a new technique essential to your craft, or simply set money goals you want to hit. Either way, you put yourself in a position to turn your craft into a business and a career.

talking about business, below is a little advice you can use 

How To Turn Your Craft Into A Business

The difference between practicing your craft as a hobby, and doing it as a business is you get paid for the latter. 

And, running a business is all about getting consistent Orders from customers or clients.

Below are the sure-fire ways to get those orders coming in 

  1. Offer Free Trials: In any industry or niche you are in, one of the ways to gain visibility is to offer people free trials. This could be a free design, a guest post, or a consultation. Not only does it serve as a “portfolio”, but it’s also great marketing. Surely there will be a need for another (or more) of what you offered, and guess who’ll come to their minds? 
  2. Leverage On Available Platforms: There are several platforms that you can launch and manage your business. Platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork can help you create a presence – make you visible to people who need (and are willing to pay) for your services. 
  3. Give Value: People are more inclined to remember you if you constantly give them value. These values don’t have to be monetary; simple tips go a long way. For instance, as a graphic designer, you can give simple DIY tips on how people can make fliers for their business. All you have to do is find the common problems in your field and help people solve them. That’s how you grow a fan base 

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Conclusion: Growing In Your Craft

If you’re still at the “child’s play” level, you need to be honest with yourself and make improvements – by learning from the criticism (especially when it’s coming from someone you look up to), getting good at what you do, and selling your craft passionately – else parallel red lines of rejection (and lack of money) would keep crisscrossing your career.

If you do things right – if you grow up, level up, and step up your craft – what comes next is living life on your terms.

As a creative writer and content creator. God’slight enjoys writing, listening to music, and reading.

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